{Type 1 Tuesday} 11.17.15 Diabetes Burnout

by Leighann on November 24, 2015

Type 1 Tuesday

Last week I shared a section of my book Kids First, Diabetes Second called “Diabetes Burnout.” Here is information on how to take care of ourselves as caregivers and how having a positive outlook can help.

Caregiver Happiness

As caregivers, we tend to take care of everyone except ourselves.

My friend Ginger Vieira, author of the book Dealing With Diabetes Burnout, was kind enough to let me pick her brain for some strategies for dealing with the stress that comes with caregiving.

Read Life With Diabetes: Caregiver Happiness on Sanofi’s The Dx.

A Positive Outlook

I know it sounds cliché but a positive attitude can go a long way. When diabetes management is getting the best of you, think about these tips.

Read the Kids First, Diabetes Second book excerpt A Positive Outlook.

Diabetes Burnout

Here are some ways to help your child/tween/teen if the day-in-day-out of diabetes management is wearing them down.

Read the Kids First, Diabetes Second book excerpt Diabetes Burnout.

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