{3 Little Diabetes Things} 03.20.2017

by Leighann on March 20, 2017

Summary: In this month’s round up of 3 little diabetes things, I’m sharing an article about CGM use in people who don’t have type 1 diabetes, an article and video showing how an abducted woman used her insulin pump to escape, and why I snap a photo when there is a diabetes device malfunction.

3 Little Things 2017-03

I sometimes have a “little” something to say about diabetes…

CGM Use in Non-T1D

Continuous Glucose Monitor

Given that CGM costs so much for people with type one diabetes who actually need to use a continuous glucose monitor to manage their diabetes, I’m not sure how impressed I am that some people without diabetes have the extra income to use it just because they want to. I hope that until there is universal coverage for people with T1D to use CGM that insurance companies won’t foot the bill for people who don’t have diabetes.

Read “Why Perfectly Healthy People Are Using Diabetes Monitors” on the Time website.

Escaping a Dangerous Situation

kidnapping escape

Add this to one more thing you can use your insulin pump for. This young woman was abducted and placed in her trunk. She used the light from her insulin pump to find the handle to open the trunk from the inside and escape. This is further proof that people with T1D are badass. So glad to see that she is safe.

Read “Kidnapping Victim Describes Harrowing Escape from Trunk of Her Own Car – Using Her Insulin Pump” on the People website.

Take a Photo

Insulin Pump ErrorOn the rare occasion that we have a malfunction of one of our diabetes devices, I try to take a picture of the error message so that I have all the information when I call the company. This time (pictured right) I was able to reset the personal diabetes manager (PDM) for her insulin pump and we were back in business. But when we are away from home and have a problem it’s good to have all the info, including the customer support phone number and reference number, right there.

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