Easter with Type 1 Diabetes

by Leighann on March 12, 2018

Easter with Diabetes

Don’t fret about Easter… here are some resources that will help you get through it, especially if this is your first holiday with type one diabetes. Includes over 100 non-candy Easter basket ideas!

100 Easter Basket IdeasNon-Candy Ideas: Don’t want to fill your child’s Easter basket with a ton of sugar? I have a creative list of over 100 non-candy items that you can give your child…for kids from preschool to high school!

Check out my list of 100+ Non-Candy Easter Ideas.

Counting Jelly Beans: I like to buy a big bag of jelly beans and divvy them up into 15-carb portions. Q thought the Easter Bunny was on his game!

Learn why I Count Jelly Beans for Easter.

The Thrill of the Hunt: In this excerpt from Kids First, Diabetes Second I share why holidays like Easter aren’t always about the candy and food, but are about the experiences.

Find out why kids like The Thrill of the Hunt.

Less Stress, More Happiness: I have an entire chapter in my book Kids First, Diabetes Second about holidays and celebrations that involve food.

Read more about my book Kids First, Diabetes Second and purchase your own copy.


Daylight Savings Time

This weekend is daylight savings time. Don’t forget to change the time on all your diabetes devices.

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5 Resources for Parents of Kids Newly Diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes

Has your child been recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes? Are you overwhelmed by emotions and unsure how to move forward? Here are five resources for parents of newly diagnosed D-Kids. Kids First, Diabetes Second Book: I wrote the book Kids First, Diabetes Second because I wanted to share all that I have learned over […]

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A Caregiver’s Journey to Pump Therapy Part 1: My Daughter’s Diabetes Diagnosis

“A Caregiver’s Journey to Pump Therapy Part 1: My Daughter’s Diabetes Diagnosis” originally appeared on Insulet’s Omnipod Suite D blog, now called Podder Talk. In full disclosure, Insulet compensated me for the content that I created for them, but I am not being compensated for sharing it today. Our daughter’s diagnosis story, I have found, […]

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Valentine’s Day with Diabetes

Like any other holiday, Valentine’s Day presents a set of obstacles for children with type 1 diabetes when it comes to extra carbs, lots of sugar, and school parties. But with a little planning (and a little extra insulin!) your d-kid can enjoy the day. Heart-Shaped Sugar, Sugar, Sugar When Q was in preschool and […]

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Kids First, Diabetes Second Book Feedback

My Book Kids First, Diabetes Second may be updated for a second edition (yay!). I would love some feedback on your experience reading the book. Please take a few minutes — I promise it’s not terribly long — to answer these questions about the book. Thank you so much! -Leighann Loading…

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