{Type 1 Tuesday} 04.21.15

by Leighann on April 21, 2015

Type 1 Tuesday

Here are some tidbits that I have found interesting and wanted to share…

Dexcom Share (or not)

Parents may think that DexCom share is a great thing, but do kids really want their parents seeing their every move (or blood sugar!)? Grace, who is just a bit older than my Q, has just started using the Share and her mom Penny gives some perspective on privacy.

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Actress Anita Nicole Brown on How She Deals with Type One Diabetes

T1D actress Anita Nicole Brown discusses her diagnosis 17 years ago and how she has embraced T1D as part of her identity…and even a character she played.

Read “Actress Anita Nicole Brown on How She Deals with Type One Diabetes.”

‘Smart’ insulin may ease burden of type 1 diabetes patients, research suggests

I’m always looking at the research that will help ease the burden of people with diabetes, including technology like the artificial pancreas and encapsulation. Here is an article about “smart insulin” that sounds so much more responsive than the insulin that we use. “New compound, known as Ins-PBA-F, automatically activates when blood sugar levels soar, and remains in circulation for up to 24 hours.”

Read “‘Smart’ insulin may ease burden of type 1 diabetes patients, research suggests” on The Gaurdian.

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{JDRF Children’s Congress 2015} Introduction Video

Q was selected to represent Illinois at the 2015 JDRF Children’s Congress to urge renewal of the Special Diabetes Program (SDP). Here is her introduction video.

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{Throwback Thursday} I Already Know, You Don’t Have To Tell Me

Join me each Thursday this year as I begin retelling our story from the very beginning and as I share some of my favorite posts that I have written over the years. It’s hard to believe that this May we will be celebrating Q’s 7th d-anniversary. This week I’m thinking back to an interaction we had […]

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{Kids First, Diabetes Second} Diabetes Preparedness Kit

Excerpt from the book Kids First, Diabetes Second on creating a diabetes preparedness kit to use in case of severe weather, travel, or a sleepover at grandma’s.

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{Type 1 Tuesday} 04.07.15 School Edition

Here are three blog posts, all having to do in some way with school, that I wanted to share… What Your Child’s Teacher Doesn’t Know About Type 1 Hallie, author of The Princess and the Pump, has the unique perspective of being both a teacher and a d-mom. After her own child was diagnosed, she […]

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{YouTube Tuesday} Encapsulation Explained

“A new video, “Sketching Encapsulation,” was created for JDRF’s FY2014 Annual Report. Albert J. Hwa, Ph.D., Director of Discovery Research at JDRF, explains encapsulation and outlines four encapsulation projects that are currently supported by JDRF.” Q was recently asking me what encapsulation is. I tried to explain to her that it would be like a […]

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