Miss New Hampshire Caroline Carter

Image courtesy Miss New Hampshire Scholarship Program.

I think it is absolutely fabulous to see diabetes technology worn so publicly. First Sierra Sandison wore her insulin pump on the Miss Idaho stage and then on the Miss America stage and now newly crowned Miss New Hampshire Caroline Carter has worn her DexCom on stage.

These public appearances by d-tech help to normalize it for d-kids like ours. I know in the teen years some girls become self-conscious about wearing their pump or CGM where others might see it because they don’t want to bring attention to it or feel different.

So I’m going to tell you the funny story about showing this video to Q.

Me: Come watch this video.
Q: Okay.
Me: Do you notice anything?
Q: Um, one of them is much taller than the other?
Me: Notice anything else?
Q: No.

She watched the entire video and didn’t even notice that Caroline was wearing a DexCom! I guess this is good in a way. It is so normal for Q that she doesn’t even notice it when it’s front and center in a video of someone she doesn’t know. She didn’t see diabetes when she looked at Caroline, she saw her height.

I look forward to seeing more from Caroline Carter in the next year during her reign as Miss New Hampshire and during the Miss America competition. Good luck, Caroline!

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