Jerry the BearThere is good news on the Jerry the Bear front. Jerry has been updated with a new look…and a new medical condition. Jerry is now available as a bear with type 1 diabetes or a bear with food allergies. I know that the price point of the original Jerry was out-of-reach for most families (and many did fundraising to get one), but the price has come down with this second version and is now $99-149 with a pre-order discount.

Even though it’s my daughter who has type 1 diabetes (and also a tree nut allergy), my son likes playing with Jerry because it helps him learn about his sister’s diabetes. And we all know that diabetes affects the entire family.

From Sproutel: “Our new bear helps all kids learn about their health through play. We’ve also created expansion packs to customize Jerry for type 1 diabetes and food allergies education.

Here’s a video of the history of Jerry.

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