Back-To-School With Diabetes

by Leighann on August 15, 2016

Diabetes At School

Please remember that I never give medical advice. Ask your endocrinologist or pediatrician for advice about your own child. Make your own informed decisions for your own child.

I know I say this every August, but where did the summer go? Seems like I was just lugging home all her diabetes supplies and making an End of the School Year Checklist. Last year we had uncharted territory as Q began middle school. With that came different logistics because she changed classes all day long, had PE every day (and they sometimes go off school grounds for PE), participated in before and after school activities, and even rode the city bus.

I’m in the process of filling out the fourteen page diabetes care plan (yes, I said fourteen!) that the district requires and getting all her medical paperwork in order. We made a few minor changes to her 504 plan last year and I think we are all set on that front.

Not to mention that our school supply shopping list includes things like glucagon, juice boxes, and a back up of supplies to be kept in the nurse’s office.

You’ll find lots of information here on D-Mom Blog about sending kids with diabetes to school: posts about school nurses and diabetes at school and school lunches.

And I want to reassure parents sending their little d-kid to preschool or kindergarten for the first time this fall that your kiddo is going to be just fine–you might shed a few tears that first day–but your kid is going to be alright.

If you are interested in more information than what’s here on the blog, there is an entire chapter in Kids First, Diabetes Second devoted to school. And, of course, the ADA (Safe at School) and JDRF (School Advisory Toolkit) have resources as well.

504 Plans

If you read only one post about diabetes at school, read this one. I include a list of the many things you might want to add to your child’s 504 plan and why. And if you are unsure if your child needs a 504 or if your school has said that a care plan is the same thing (it’s not!), I urge you to get a 504 started for your child. Right now. Before you have issues. It’s your child’s right and because of their diagnosis with type 1 diabetes she cannot be denied a 504. (And even private schools must adhere to the law if they receive even a dime of annual federal funding.)

Read 504 Plans (Must read! Lists lots of things to consider adding to your 504, plus links to great resources.)

Standardized Tests

Oh boy. Don’t even get me started on my feelings about standardized tests including the newly instituted PARCC. Because of the way things went down for us in fifth grade, I actually ended up opting Q out of the second round of testing. I personally feel classroom time is better spent. She did go ahead and take the PARCC in sixth grade and I told her that she shouldn’t feel any pressure to perform.


All opinions aside, you can help set your child up for testing success by making sure that everyone is on the same page and by including “important tests” as an item addressed on the 504. And please note that this doesn’t just apply to tests like the PARCC. It also applies to any important test that the school will use as a placement or assessment and even applies to the SAT and ACT.

Read Standardized Tests

Celebrations At School

Whether it’s because you are dealing with a food allergy, celiac, or need carb counted treats at school, here’s my tip on making sure you have something safe or appropriate for your child. Because we all know that somehow there is a celebration almost every single week! (Seriously, can we stop all this crappy junk food at school?!)

Read Stash O’ Cupcakes

Glucagon Tips

Without even realizing it, Q went from needing a half dose of glucagon to a full dose. Restocking for back-to-school is a good time to make sure that you are using the right dosage.

Read my tips on glucagon at school including how to train nurses and staff members using expired glucagon kits and an app that can help you keep track of expiration dates.

Read Glucagon Tips

Low Blood Sugar Classroom Kits

In past years we’ve had these kits stashed in a few different locations at school. This year in middle school Q will be all over the place so I might create one of these boxes for each classroom (minus the BG meter).

Read Low Blood Sugar Classroom Kits

Following Protocols At School

We have to put trust in the nurses and staff that take care of our children to make sure that they are kept safe each and every day. Mistakes happen…sometimes with serious consequences. I offer a list of suggestions on how you can help to minimize the potential for mistakes.

Read Following Protocols At School

Maybe Not Always

Just because Q is pretty self-sufficient in her diabetes care, I don’t want school staff to become complacent.

Read Maybe Not Always

504 Plans

504 plans are such an important topic (see above) so I visit the subject frequently. This is a piece I wrote for Sanofi’s The Dx in which I asked Crystal Jackson, who works in Government Affairs & Legal Advocacy for the American Diabetes Association, for some advice about 504 plans.

Read 504 Plans on Sanofi The Dx

Building A Working Relationship With School

We always had a pretty good relationship with Q’s grade school, but things broke down a little this past year when we ran into a few issues that I felt could have been avoided or addressed better. I’m looking forward to a fresh start this year.

The following is a guest post by Scott Benner of Arden’s Day, which is so good that I also included it in Kids First, Diabetes Second.

Read Building A Working Relationship With School

End Of The School Year Checklist

I know this post is about what I did at the end of last year, but in addition to being about wrapping up each school year, it’s also a chance to reflect and look forward on what to do differently the next year.

Read End of the School Year Checklist

And Many More…

Those were just a selection of the posts here on D-Mom Blog about diabetes at school. You can click these links to look for specific topics:

All text and images are copyright D-Mom Blog and D-Mom Media and may not be copied or reproduced without express written permission.

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