Happy Diaversary, Q!

by Leighann on May 23, 2016

This month marked 8 years that Q has lived with type 1 diabetes. The day came and went without a second thought. She has now lived 2/3 of her lifetime with diabetes.

Conservatively she’s done:

  • 29,200+ finger pricks and blood sugar checks
  • 4,380+ insulin injections
  • 608+ insulin pump changes
  • 208+ CGM insertions
  • A gazillion juice boxes and glucose tabs to treat low blood sugars

Q thrives despite diabetes. Since she was diagnosed at such a young age (just before turning 4), I will never know if diabetes shaped her personality. She is a driven, compassionate young woman who has taken on the challenge of diabetes self-management so that she can have freedoms and experiences like her non-diabetic peers.

Here’s to 8 years of living, and living well, with diabetes!

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