My post CrossFit: Gets It Wrong, Won’t Back Down has hit a chord with quite a few people who I think, like me, are just incredibly frustrated with dissemination of misinformation about diabetes. And many, many people are frustrated with CrossFit’s escalating defense of their ludicrous post on Twitter.

Here is video from ABC’s Good Morning America recapping the controversy. Listen for the response from CrossFit’s CEO, it’s a good one!

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Note that the medical expert in this piece says that type 2 diabetes is often associated with being overweight. If there is anything that I took away from the two statistics classes I took in college, it’s that correlation is not causation. In other words, you might see the two hand in hand but that doesn’t mean that one caused the other.

I think I have more to say on this. Not about CrossFit, but about why we should speak up and educate about the particular type of diabetes we have while still being respectful of people who have another type.

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CrossFit: Gets It Wrong, Won’t Back Down

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