{2013 Holiday Shopping Guide:} Lots of Discounts and Giveaways!

by Leighann on November 17, 2013

Holiday Shopping Guide

Sponsored PostIt wouldn’t be the holiday season without featuring companies and people who are trying to make life with diabetes, food allergies, and Celiac disease a bit more manageable. And it wouldn’t be the holiday shopping season without some great discount codes and giveaways! Check back often as more products, foods, books, and apps are highlighted throughout November and December. Giveaways begin November 29, 2013 (the day after Thanksgiving), but take advantage of the discounts now.

(Please read the disclaimer at the bottom. Inclusion in this guide is sponsored.)

Keep reading for discounts and giveaways!

Kids First Diabetes Second BookKids First, Diabetes Second

My book Kids First, Diabetes Second: tips for parenting a child with type 1 diabetes shares not only the wisdom that I have gained over the years dealing with diabetes, but also the experiences and knowledge of many well-known members of the diabetes online community (DOC).

Read more about Kids First, Diabetes Second.

Purchase now in paperback

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Sugar Medical Supply

Enter to win one of FIVE copies of Kids First (ends 12/12/13)

Sugar Medical Supply

“Sugar Medical designs stylish yet functional bags for people with diabetes. Focusing on quality and function, but not forgetting color, personality and style is our mission. Sugar Medical creates bags that people with diabetes actually WANT to carry, not have to carry. Our bags feature a universal meter strap to secure 99% of meters on the market in the bag. We also have exclusive designs for Omni Pod users. Check out the stylish designs for women, men, and children today at www.SugarMedical.com

Visit the Sugar Medical Supply website.

Use discount code “20sale” for 20% off purchases (on top of markdowns!) from the Sugar Medical Supply website between now and 12/15/13.

Enter to win a Sugar Medical Supply bag (ends 12/08/13)

Islands and Insulin Book

Islands and Insulin Book

Islands and Insulin is the story of a girl, given a boat, one hundred nautical miles of ocean, and way too much caffeine to reflect on how an incorrigible disease has altered her voyage into adulthood, all wrapped inside a diabetes survival manual. It is a cross between the humor of Steve Markley’s Publish This Book, the travel journal of Jimmy Buffett’s A Pirate Looks at Fifty, and the sailing of Pete Goss’s Close to the Wind minus the sixty knot winds, fifty foot waves, below freezing temperatures, and the slick escape from death…hopefully.”

Visit the Erin Spineto’s website.

Use discount code “DW2KHRCE” for 15% off purchases from the Islands and Insulin website between now and 12/31/13. (The book is widely available, but the discount is for website purchases only.)

Enter to win the Islands and Insulin giveaway (ends 12/09/13)

Pump Wear Inc

Pump Wear

“Offering over 800 different designs and styles on ways to wear an insulin pump. Along with providing a vast array of insulin pump clothing items. Diabetes Awareness is also made beautiful with our large selection of Diabetes Awareness gift items.”

Visit the Pump Wear Inc. website.

Use discount code “d-mom14” for 5% off purchases on the Pump Wear Inc. website between now and 12/31/13.

Enter to win the Pump Wear giveaway (ends 12/09/13)

Extend NutritionExtend Nutrition

“Whether your goal is weight loss, more effective diabetes management, controlled hunger or developing healthier eating habits, Extend Nutrition Bars, Crisps, Shakes and Drizzles are accessible, versatile, convenient and affordable snacks to fit your lifestyle.

Supported by 6 clinical studies and protected by 17 international patents, only the Extend Nutrition formula is proven to be effective in helping to control blood sugar for up to 9 hours and provide long-lasting energy. No other snack even comes close.”

Visit the Extend Nutrition website.

Use discount code “DMOM” for 20% off and free shipping on orders over $42 on the Extend Nutrition website between now and 11/15/14.

Enter to win the Extend Snacks giveaway (ends 12/11/13)

Complete Diabetes Organizer

The Complete Diabetes Organizer

“Is your lack of organization impacting your ability to effectively manage your diabetes? Do you run out of supplies and forget endocrinologist appointments? Do you struggle to keep track of healthcare invoices and payments? Do you succeed at keeping an active health journal for a week or two and then neglect it for a year or two?

The Complete Diabetes Organizer is your guidebook to maintaining your diabetes with less effort and more confidence, allowing you to focus on enjoying a healthier, stress-free life. Discover helpful tips and tricks that are guaranteed to ease daily mechanics, promote improved nutrition, and relieve stress caused by disorder and confusion.”

Visit the Spry Publishing website to learn more about The Complete Diabetes Organizer.

Use discount code “TCDO30” for 30% off of the Compete Diabetes Organizer when purchased directly from Spry Publishing between now and 01/05/2014.

Disclaimer: These represent paid placements/advertisements by the companies and are not product reviews or endorsements by Leighann Calentine or D-Mom Media. Please read the disclosure policy and the official giveaway rules for more information.

Would you like your company and product included? There is still plenty of time to be added to the Holiday Shopping Guide, sponsor a holiday giveaway, or be added to the 2014 Shopping Guide. Please use the contact form for more information.

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The Islands and Insulin book seems very interesting. I love to read books.


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