2013 In Review

by Leighann on December 30, 2013

Here is my obligatory year end recap of posts and events…

It’s always the conundrum of presenting a list of posts that had the largest audience or the posts that I think were important. But this year I decided to include many posts that aren’t deep in nature, but are more playful.

At the end you’ll see a list of posts that are timeless favorites.

Without further ado, I present my 2013 in review:


D-Mom Blog celebrated it’s 3 year anniversary…which means that January 1st it will be FOUR years!

The Artificial Pancreas…or why a hot fudge sundae made me cry. Quite a few adults participated in artificial pancreas trials this past year. This is one of the first videos that I saw of someone actually using the system and it was amazing to think what a difference it will make in diabetes management.

ADA’s Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes—2013 Here were my thoughts on the ADA’s new standards, which I think are more conducive to the management of type 1 diabetes including recommending more frequent blood sugar testing and new suggested ranges in A1c. My reaction to their thoughts on CGM use in children prompted an essay I wrote for Diabetes Forecast (see link below).


Eat Your Skittles! When her blood sugar is low, it’s no time to play with her food! Read why I wanted Q to just “eat her skittles!”


Don’t Believe the Hype While I think D-Dad Tom Karlya had good intentions with his pre-announcement that there was going to be a big announcement, there was quite a bit of backlash by people who thought it was a fundraising ploy…me included.

Following Protocols at School We cannot rely on the school 100% to make sure our children are safe and that protocol is followed, but there are some things we can do to minimize the the potential for life threatening mistakes.


The A1c…It’s All Relative I think this was one of the most misunderstood posts I’ve ever written. My point was that what is terrible for one person might be great for another and “it’s all relative.” Mt point was that the A1c is just a number that we should use a tool and move on. I was surprised at the number of people on social media channels who were judgmental and said they would be horrified by this A1c.


Q celebrated her fifth d-anniversary. How time flies!

A Little Diabetes Rebellion While Q can’t really take a vacation from diabetes, I let her have a little safe rebellion now and then.


Lessons Learned I found out what I shouldn’t say to Q when she’s low! Now I know.


Breakfast of Champions Bacon. Need I say more?


Cupcakes Another D-LOL moment. Just had to laugh at myself for this Freudian slip.


Best A1c, I Think Ever. Huzzah! After years of doing everything that we could to manage her diabetes and still not seeing her A1c budge, I was glad to see her best A1c ever pop up at her endo appointment. Three months later it was still exactly the same. Huzzah!

Swimming With The CGM…I Mean Actually Swimming! So, um, yeah. Best to take off your CGM receiver before jumping in the pool.


Why the Medtronic 530G is NOT an Artificial Pancreas I had a strong reaction to Medtronic’s use of the term “artificial pancreas” in their marketing and press releases about the FDA-approval of their latest insulin pump/CGM model.


Diabetes Awareness Month: As in past years, I shared a daily diabetes fact, thought, tip, or feeling through my social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). I had a cute little graphic that my friend Kristina (D-Mom to Caylin and author of One Happy Mama) made for me. I was amazed that some of my graphics went viral. I think one of them was shared on Facebook over 15,000 times and seen by something like 75,000 people.

“Insulin is not a cure for type 1 diabetes. It keeps people with diabetes alive, but it does not make it go away.”

Stash ‘O Cupcakes Whether you need definite carb counts or need special treats free of allergens or gluten, this is how I make batches of cupcakes and stash them at school for the inevitable weekly unexpected birthday celebration.


Holiday Shopping Guide It’s always fun to pass along savings to readers and to give away great diabetes products and services. Makes me feel like D-Santa. Some of the discounts are still valid in case you have holiday money burning a hole in your pocket.

And I would like to thank the sponsors and advertisers who help make D-Mom Blog possible.

Timeless Classics

I find myself, when interacting with other d-parents, giving out links to several posts that I feel provide really useful information or feelings time and again. Here are a few of them:

Beginning the Insulin Pump The reason why this video is viewed often and why I suggest it is because parents often wonder what it will be like for their very young child to transition from injections to a pump. Here Q has her very first meal without having to get an injection.

Ketone Strips Are you still using urine ketone strips? Gah! Switching to blood ketone strips made a huge difference in the care of our daughter, especially at school. (Disclosure: NovaMax is currently a sponsor of D-Mom Blog.)

Essay in Diabetes Forecast After reading the ADA’s Standards in Care, I really thought about why the CGM makes such a big difference for our family…and it’s NOT about the A1c. I wrote an essay for Diabetes Forecast that was an outgrowth from my blog post.

504 Plan I often hear parents wonder if they really need a 504 plan. My answer is always a resounding “Yes!” Even if everything has been wonderful at your child’s school, think of it as an insurance plan. You wouldn’t buy car insurance after you are in an accident, would you? It’s important to put a 504 plan in place to insure that your child is properly cared for at school, that she is safe, and that the appropriate accommodations are made.

And this one is asked for A LOT:

OpSite Flexifix The DexCom is FDA-approved for 7-day use, but some people push it to its limits (and that’s not medical advice…please read my disclaimer). Sometimes we need to tape down the sensor to keep a sensor that is working well in place for a little longer.

Kids First, Diabetes Second

In 2013 I continued to get the word out about my book Kids First, Diabetes Second. I was so pleased to hear that it’s being recommended in Canada and that some endocrinology offices are giving it to newly diagnosed families. It has always been my goal to find a way to get it into the hands of every family of a newly diagnosed child at no charge to them. Please reach out if you would like to help me get it to more CDE’s and pediatric endocrinologists so that we can work together to make this happen.

Thank you for reading D-Mom Blog in 2013 and I hope you join me again in 2014. Please e-mail me at leighann (at) d-mom (dot) com  or comment below to tell me what you want more of or what you would like to see.


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