{3 Little Diabetes Things} 12.04.2016

by Leighann on December 4, 2016


I sometimes have a “little” something to say about diabetes. Today I’m sharing three products that Q has been using.

sugar-medical-cross-body-bagSugar Medical Callie Crossbody Bag*

We are always on the hunt for a bag that will hold Q’s pump, low supplies, glucagon, her phone, and her CGM without being too big. Q also likes wearing purses across her body. And that’s how my husband wears it when he takes the load off her. (Real d-dads aren’t embarrassed toting their daughter’s girly supply bag.)

The new Callie Crossbody is designed to hold the meter or pump pouch in the front pocket. Q has been throwing it into the main pocket and using the front pockets for the other stuff. I like that she can clip her CGM to the metal rings so that it’s on the outside and she can hear it. (Though often she just shoves it inside.)

You can purchase the Callie Crossbody bag through the Sugar Medical website. Use code DMOM20 for 20% off your purchase through December 15, 2016.


Sugar Medical Pouch With Trash Pocket!*

Q has been using the Sugar Medical pouches for her Omniod insulin pump for years. We love the variety of styles. They even have more masculine styles for boys. Black and pink is her fave color combo, so the Omni Dot is perfect for her.

As irritated as I am to find test strips all over the house or to have ten strips fall out when I open the pouch to test her in the night, I always say to myself “At least she’s testing.” Am I right?

So I was kind of excited to see that many of the Sugar Medical pump and meter pouches now have a trash pocket. It’s the little things that make a d-mom happy! It has drastically reduced the number of rogue test strips around the house.

You can purchase the Omni Dot pouch through the Sugar Medical website. Use code DMOM20 for 20% off your purchase through December 15, 2016.

diabetic-dabsDiabetic Dabs*

Q likes to wipe her finger on something after she checks her blood sugar. She’s been using the Diabetic Dabs, which have an adhesive backing. She uses the same layer several times so there ends up being lots of blood splotches on it, but it’s better than just wiping the blood drop somewhere else!

You can learn more about them from the Diabetic Dabs website and you can purchase them from Amazon and other online stores.

Here’s a video…

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*We received these products for review consideration, but we would use these even if we didn’t. Monetary compensation was not received for the review and opinions are my own. Links to Amazon are affiliate links and are provided so that you can find the product easily. Please read my disclosure statement.

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