3 Little Diabetes Things: Insurance Denial and Appeals, Parent Ambassadors, LONG Bike Rides

by Leighann on June 19, 2017

Summary: Insurance denials and  the appeals process, College Diabetes Network’s Parent Ambassador Program, 20 T1D’s bike across the USA with Bike Beyond.

3 Little Things 2017-06-19

I sometimes have a “little” something to say about diabetes…

Denied Coverage?

diaTribe Access SeriesI’ve learned not to take no for an answer, especially when it come to getting the supplies and medications we need to take care of our daughter’s type 1 diabetes. diaTribe has a great article on the process of appealing after you’ve been denied coverage.

It can be extremely distressing if an insurance provider decides to deny coverage of treatment. Fortunately, there are options available for asking the insurance provider to reconsider their decision and for letting them know why they should – this process is called “appealing.”

Read “When Insurance Gets Turned Down: Appeals Explained” on the diaTribe website.

Parent Ambassador Program

As Q gets older, she’s casting a wider and wider net of where she might like to attend college. Too bad she can’t live at home forever…safe in her own bed. Hopefully, wherever she ends up, she can find local support.

The College Diabetes Network is launching a new program to connect college kids with local families who can support them in their diabetes.

This exciting new initiative was established by our Leadership Council to connect students with T1D families near their universities for assistance, guidance, or simply a friendly face. Parents and families of T1D kids of all ages may volunteer to engage T1D students who attend college in their hometown or city. Parent Ambassadors will serve as a support network to college students living with T1D away from home and who may need assistance from time to time. Some examples may be, but are not limited to:

•  Supporting a sick T1D college student who is having trouble getting numbers under control;

•   Helping connect a student with a nearby endocrinologist or other physicians;

•   Providing general guidance if and when needed; or,

•   Being there for a student whose family is not nearby in case of a diabetes-related emergency.

Learn more about the Parent Ambassador Program on the College Diabetes Network website.

Beyond Type 1 Bikes Across America

20 riders with type 1 diabetes are riding across America…they’re gonna need a whole lotta glucose tabs!

“Team Bike Beyond will be embarking on an epic, 10-week adventure, pedaling from New York City to San Francisco. The international team of 20 riders hail from the US, UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. All are living with Type 1 diabetes — collectively with a whopping 263 years of experience! As they journey across the country, they’ll be destroying stereotypes and showing the world what living beyond Type 1 looks like.”

Riders include Sierra Sandison, who I’ve mentioned a few times.

Find out more, including if they will be coming near you, on the Bike Beyond website.


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