3 Little Diabetes Things: Best Diabetes Blogs, CGM on the Miss USA Stage, Free SpiBelt for Recently Diagnosed Kids with T1D

by Leighann on May 22, 2017

Summary: Today I’m sharing a list of the best diabetes blogs according to the Healthline website, spotting a CGM on the Miss USA Stage, and SpiBelt’s program to give recently diagnosed kids a pouch to carry their diabetes stuff.

3 Little Things 2017-05-22

I sometimes have a “little” something to say about diabetes…

Healthline’s 2017 Best Diabetes Blogs

D-Mom Blog was included in Healthline’s annual list of “best diabetes blogs.” Healthline says, “We’ve carefully selected these blogs because they are actively working to educate, inspire, and empower their readers with frequent updates and high-quality information.” Head on over to Healthline to see the complete list and discover more awesome diabetes blogs.

Read “The Best Diabetes Blogs of the Year

CGM on the Pageant Stage

First we had Nicole Johnson representing people living with type one diabetes on the biggest pageant stage. Next Miss Idaho Sierra Sandison showed off her pump using the #showmeyourpump hashtag and winning the Miss America online viewer vote. Then Miss New Hampshire Caroline Carter proudly wore her Dexcom. This year Miss Michigan USA Krista Ferguson is showing off her Dexcom.

Read “Why This Miss USA Contestant Is Proudly Wearing Her Type 1 Diabetes Glucose Monitor During the Competition” on Glamour’s website.

Also read these D-Mom Blog posts:

Why #ShowMeYourPump is not a big deal (but such a big deal)

Caroline Carter Wears Her DexCom On The Miss New Hampshire Stage

{Bookshelf} Sugar Linings by Miss Idaho Sierra Sandison

#ShowMeYourPump, Miss Idaho

Miss Michigan USA Krista Ferguson

(Photo courtesy Krista Ferguson via Glamour.)

Free SpiBelt For Newly Diagnosed T1D Kiddos

SpiBelt was created for runners, but people living with diabetes have started using them too. SpiBelt now makes one with a pass through hole for insulin pump tubing. I love it when companies try to help out the community that uses their product and I’m excited about their new program.

From SpiBelt:

Receiving a Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis can be a scary and confusing time for a family. Coping with and managing the new condition can be both stressful and overwhelming. Finding a solution for carrying diabetic supplies shouldn’t be another worry. We at SPIbelt work closely with the diabetic community providing specialty belts for children and adults with Type 1 Diabetes. Our belts are discreet and contain a pass-through hole that helps when carrying Insulin pumps or continuous glucose monitors.

To help with families that recently received a Type 1 diabetes diagnosis for their child; we have brought together two amazing women from the SPIbelt community to share their stories and some advice for the newly diagnosed.

If your child was diagnosed with type one diabetes within the last 12 months, fill out the form on SpiBelt’s website to get a belt so your child can carry diabetes supplies, an insulin pump, or continuous glucose monitor (CGM).

Also read the D-Mom Blog post SpiBelt where I talk about our own experience using SpiBelt to carry supplies and CGM.


(Image Courtesy SpiBelt.)

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