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Praise for Leighann and D-Mom Blog

Allison of Lemonade Life: I met Leighann last summer in Chicago while on business at BlogHer. She is a smart, active, passionate mom and although I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting her daughter, I can already tell she is just darling. I have always been “loud and proud” with my diabetes, and it’s great to see other children following suit.

Kim of Hormone-colored Days: Having known Leighann and followed her blog long before the diagnosis of her daughter, it was scary to see this all happen. Leighann’s done a great job of handling this curve ball that was thrown at her family and I’m sure her blog will be a source of comfort and inspiration to many.

Nan of My Pump Gear: Leighann has taken great care in the design, layout and content of this new and wonderful resource site for parents of type 1 kids.  It just launched last month.  What an incredible need it fills!  How I wished there had been something like this when C was first diagnosed.

Joanne of Death of a Pancreas: When Elise was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 12 months, I had nowhere to turn. There seemed to be no place for a Mom with a diabetic baby to go for information. I remember feeling so alone, and that nobody out there understood what I was going through. That’s why I think a blog like The D-Mom Blog is so important. Think of it as a one-stop shop for diabetes information that creator Leighann Calentine has taken hours and hours of her own time compiling. It is a wonderful resource for both the newly diagnosed, and for those of us who have been dealing with D for awhile.

Rachel of What Life Has Become: Leighann, another D-Mom, created a new website called D-Mom Blog the sweet life with a diabetic child. It’s a great site full of resources. This site will be fantastic for newly diagnosed families but also for those of us who have been around the block a few times!

Hallie of Window to My World: Leighann, a fellow mother of a child with Type 1, has created an amazing new site. It’s called D-Mom Blog! How perfect is that? And check out the chick! That’s how I see myself – as a D-Mom Superhero fighting the evils of high blood sugar and uninformed people everywhere! It’s truly a wonderful site filled everything you could imagine! There is something so amazing, after a diagnosis, to find other people out there going through the same thing you are. Or others who are a little further down the D road and can truly empathize. I’m not even sure I can put into words – it’s such a wonderful feeling! It’s like recognizing a kindred spirit.

Kristina Sauerwein of MOMformation: I am familiar with the disease and all of its challenges. Parenting a diabetic child ups the ante, and that’s why I am proud of my friend Leighann for starting the D-Mom Blog, a comprehensive and compassionate site for moms, dads and other caregivers raising a child with the disease. The D-Mom Blog is an all-in-one, go-to site, but it is not clinical in tone. Leighann deserves kudos for launching the D-Mom Blog, because if you or someone you know is caring for a diabetic child (or teaching a child, or even knows a diabetic child), this site is a must-read.

KeyVive: If you haven’t already done so, bookmark the D-Mom Blog, Calentine’s personal blog about her journey as a D-Mom. It includes everything a mom needs: advice, understanding, resources, recipes, snack ideas and a connection to other moms experiencing the same thing.

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This is a very incomplete list. I don’t update it as often as I should!

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