ADA Step Out Walk

by Leighann on August 13, 2010

Step Out Walk

I think this will be our fourth year participating in our local American Diabetes Association walk.

Do the math really quick. Q was diagnoses just over two years ago.

That’s right. Ironically we began fundraising on behalf of another family member with diabetes before our own child was diagnosed .

The first walk after her diagnosis was an emotional one for me. Back up. The team captain meeting was emotional for me. It was still so new and so raw.

One by one, we went around the room telling how diabetes affected us. Had I been first maybe I would have been fine. But I was one of the last people to stand up and talk. Story by story I swallowed trying to choke back my emotions. I picked at my food, unable to eat. It’s one thing to walk when it is just a cause that doesn’t affect you directly. It is quite another thing when it is your own small child.

When my turn finally came I pushed back my chair and stood up. I instantly started bawling. You know, the ugly cry. I couldn’t form a sentence. The emotion of the last few months finally came to surface. I was in a room full of people who knew and cared, whether this was their sorority’s pet project or their own child was a Type 1 or their husband was Type 2.

Nicole, the local ADA chapter’s walk coordinator, told the room that my daughter had recently been diagnosed.

The day of the walk a little boy came up to Q and asked if she has diabetes. He said, “Me too!” And the two talked for a couple of minutes before running off in different directions.

Last year we knew two girls at the walk. One was an older girl from her school. The other was a girl that had been in her dance class that year. It was nice to walk with one of the moms. It was nice to chat with the other. It was ironic that both Q and the girl from dance class went low after the actual walk part. I think the girls ran more than the mile we were meant to walk because they kept running ahead and then running back to us.

We’re walking again this year. Q is planning a lemonade stand and will give in her own name for the first time this year.

She’ll once again be a Red Strider.

I know many of you are raising money for your own ADA or JDRF walk this year, but if you are so inclined, you can contribute a buck or two to our family’s team.

ADA Step Out Walk

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