3 Little Diabetes Things: Adventure, DKA, Hospital Gowns

by Leighann on April 3, 2017

Summary: This “3 little diabetes things” post includes a book about finding adventure, a DKA awareness campaign, and really cool custom made hospital gowns for teens.

3 Little Things 2017-04-24

I sometimes have a “little” something to say about diabetes…

Adventure On

Erin Spineto has got to be one of the coolest people living with type one diabetes!

Referring to all the day to day diabetes management Erin says, “It’s finding the motivation to keep doing it.” Her motivation is the prospect of adventure. In her new book Adventure On, Erin’s purpose is to motivate the reader to find his or her own adventure.

Purchase her first book Islands and Insulin and her new book Adventure On from Amazon (affiliate links).

Watch this video:

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DKA Campaign

DKA Warning SignsHow many times have you heard about a kid being misdiagnosed with the stomach flu instead of type 1 diabetes? Unfortunately it happens more often than you think. And a misdiagnosis can be deadly.

The first step is admitting that we have a problem; here goes: we have a DKA (diabetic ketoacidosis) problem. When people in the United States are diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, approximately 40% of them are in DKA, a dangerous and sometimes deadly consequence of diabetes. Four in every ten people are at such a critical state, that their lives are in jeopardy. That means four in every ten T1D cases had the signs and symptoms of T1D misunderstood or ignored. And in a number of these cases, by the time T1D was properly diagnosed, it was too late. No one should ever die because of a missed diagnosis.

Learn more about the DKA Campaign on the Beyond Type 1 website.

Custom Hospital Gowns

Starlight Children’s Foundation Canada has a really cool project. They are creating custom gowns for kids who have to spend time in the hospital. I still have the fish pajamas that Q wore in the hospital at diagnosis…I just can’t seem to part with them.

Teens are unique. Why should their hospital gowns be any different?

That’s why Starlight Children’s Foundation Canada started the WARD + ROBES initiative: a partnership with top designers to create unique hospital gowns teens actually want to wear.

Learn more about the Ward + Robes program on the Starlight Children’s Foundation Canada website.

Watch this video:

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