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Here are the serving sizes and carb counts for some commonly consumed types of candy.

Pay attention to serving sizes and weights because many candies come in different package sizes.

When possible, the link is to the specific nutrition information page for that particular product.

CandyServing SizeWeightNumber CarbsSource
Bubble Yum, Original1 pc8 g6Hershey's
Bubble Yum, Original: Sugarless1 pc5 g3Hershey's
Bubble Yum, Cotton Candy1 pc8 g6Hershey's
Bubble Yum, Jolly Rancher Watermelon1 pc8 g6Hershey's
Bubble Yum, Sour Apple Berry1 pc8 g6Hershey's

{Updated 03/15/10}

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