Halloween Candy

Here are the serving sizes and carb counts for some commonly consumed types of Halloween candy.

Pay attention to serving sizes and weights because many candies come in different package sizes.

When possible, the link is to the specific nutrition information page for that particular product.

This list will be updated.

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CandyServing SizeWeightNumber CarbsSource
M&M's Milk Chocolate, Fun Size3 bags45 g32 gMars
M&M's Peanut Chocolate, Fun Size1 pouch18 g11 gMars
Milky Way, Fun Size2 bars34 g24 gMars
Skittles Original, Fun Size Mini1 pack15.3 g14 gMars
Skittles Sours, Fun Size Mini1 pack15 g14 gMars
Snickers, Fun Size2 bars34 g21 gMars
Starburst8 pieces40 g34 gMars
Three Muskateers, Fun Size3 bars45 g34 gMars
Twix, Fun Size1 cookie16 g10 gMars

{Updated 11/01/10}

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