Sugar Confections

Here are the serving sizes and carb counts for some commonly consumed types of candy.

Pay attention to serving sizes and weights because many candies come in different package sizes.

When possible, the link is to the specific nutrition information page for that particular product.

CandyServing SizeWeightNumber CarbsSource
Almond Joy Pieces46 pcs40 g27Hershey's
Good & Fruity43 pcs40 g37Hershey's
Good & Plenty, Licorice33 pcs40 g35Hershey's
Hershey's Special Dark Pieces50 pcs40 g29Hershey's
Jolly Rancher, Gummies Candy9 pcs39 g28Hershey's
Jolly Rancher, Jelly Beans: Bold Fruit Smoothie30 pcs40 g34Hershey's
Jolly Rancher, Jelly Beans: Original Assortment30 pcs40 g36Hershey's
Jolly Rancher, Lollipops: Assorted Filled Pops1 pc16 g15Hershey's
Jolly Rancher, Original: Cinnamon Fire3 pcs18 g17Hershey's
Jolly Rancher, Original: Fruit 'n' Sour3 pcs18 g17Hershey's
Jolly Rancher, Original: Passion Fruit3 pcs18 g17Hershey's
Jolly Rancher, Original: Wild Berry3 pcs18 g17Hershey's
Jolly Rancher, Original Assortment3 pcs18 g17Hershey's
Jolly Rancher, Soft & Chewy Candy1 pkg56 g49Hershey's
Jolly Rancher, Sour Blasts Candy4 pcs14 g13Hershey's
Payday1 bar52 g27Hershey's
Reese's Pieces51 pcs40 g25Hershey's
Smarties1 roll (15 tablets)7 g6Smarties
Twizzlers, Bites: Cherry17 pcs40 g32Hershey's
Twizzlers, Bites: Licorice17 pcs40 g31Hershey's
Twizzlers, Nibs: Cherry1 pkg63 g50Hershey's
Twizzlers, Nibs: Licorice29 pcs40 g30Hershey's
Twizzlers, Pull 'n Peel: Cherry2 pcs47 g37Herhey's
Twizzlers, Pull 'n Peel: Twizted Berry1 pkg56 g43Hershey's
Twizzlers, Pull 'n Peel: Twizted Paradise Punch1 pkg56 g43Hershey's
Twizzlers, Pull 'n Peel: Watermelon1 pc33 g26Hershey's
Twizzlers, Twists: Cherry4 pcs45 g36Hershey's
Twizzlers, Twists: Licorice4 pcs45 g35Hershey's
Twizzlers, Twists: Strawberry4 pcs45 g36Hershey's
York Pieces50 pcs40 g28Hershey's
Zagnut3 pcs43 g31Hershey's
Zero1 bar52 g37Hershey's

{Updated 03/15/10}

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