Cookouts and Barbecues

Food ItemServing SizeGrams CarbsCarb Factor
Beans, Baked1/2 cup (4.5 oz.)25.30.200
Brownie2" square (0.8 oz.)120.502
Bun1 oz.14.10.504
Cake, Chocolate With Chocolate Frosting1 piece (2.3 oz.)34.90.546
Cupcake, With Frosting1 cupcake (1.5 oz.)28.90.672
Deviled Egg1/2 egg0.3
Macaroni Salad1/2 cup17
Pie, Apple1/8th of 9" pie (5.5 oz.)57.50.371
Pie, Cherry1/8th of 9" pie (5.5 oz.)69.30.385
Potato Chips, BBQ1 oz. (approx. 15 chips)150.528
Potato Chips, Plain1 oz.14.10.497
Potato Salad1/2 cup140.027
S'Mores, Complete1 sheet graham cracker, 1 marshmallow, 1/4 Hershey Bar23.2
S'Mores, Graham Cracker1 sheet (2 squares)10.80.768
S'Mores, Hershey's Chocolate Bar1 Bar260.605
S'Mores, Regular Marshmallow0.3 oz.5.9
Watermelon, Edible Portion100 g7.60.076
Watermelon, With Rind1 wedge, 1/6th of the melon (10.1 oz.)21.7

Source: Calorie King*

{Updated 06/30/11}

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