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Dining out and can’t remember how many carbs are in your favorite meal? Don’t guess, bookmark this page and use your smartphone to look up carb counts on the go. Or use this resource when planning visits to dining establishments.

In alphabetical order:


Burger King



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In the past I have given Denny’s poor marks because the link to the nutrition info was not easy to find on their website, but good marks for great omelettes! They have revamped their website and it is much easier to find now. Nutritional data is available under the Menu tab.

I will say that I think you need to really look at the portion size your child is served. My daughter recently had the Jr. Grand Slam and instead of dollar-sized pancakes I think they gave regular size pancakes which would up the carb count. She also had a side of grapes and I doubt they were really 29 grams of carbs. That’s always the problem with cook-to-order restaurants: the serving size can vary greatly.


Long John Silver’s

Sources: Nutrition Information and Freshside Grille, also see Diabetic Exchange List.

View or download the Lohn John Silver’s Nutrition (Dec 09) in PDF format.

McAlister’s Deli

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(Table and downloadable PDF coming soon!)

Noodles & Company


Pizza Hut

(Table & downloadable PDF coming soon!)

Smoothie King

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Target Cafe Nutrition GuideTarget Cafe

The cafe at Target may or may not have nutritional information available for you and I have yet to find it on their website.

Here is the brochure available in the cafe in PDF format that you can download:

Target Nutritional Guide 2/1/2015

More restaurants will be added. You may also suggest restaurants for inclusion by using the Contact Form.

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