Burger King

Here is a listing of the serving sizes and carb counts of select menu items served at Burger King restaurants.

Menu ItemServing SizeNumber Carbs
BK Fish67
BK Fish, without tartar sauce64
BK Fresh Apple Fries6
BK Veggie Burger43
BK Veggie Burger, with cheese44
Caramel Sauce10
Chicken Tenders4 pc.13
French Friessmall44
Kraft Macaroni and Cheese22
Onion Ringssmall36
Whopper Junior28
Whopper Junior, with cheese29

Menu ItemServing SizeNumber Carb
Cini-minis4 minis52
Croissan'wich, Egg & Cheese26
English Muffin Sandwich24
French Toast Sticks3 pcs.29
French Toast Sticks5 pcs.49
Hash BrownsValue23
Hash BrownsSmall39
Hash BrownsMedium52
Sausage, Egg, & Cheese Biscuit34
Vanilla Icing22

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{Updated 05/31/10}

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