Here is a listing of the serving sizes and carb counts of select menu items served at Culver’s restaurants.

Menu ItemServing SizeNumber Carbs
Kid's Meal Butter Burger5.43 oz.35
Kid's Meal Butter Burger, Cheese5.93 oz.36
Kid's Meal Chicken Tenders, Breaded2 pcs., 3.25 oz.16
Kid's Meal Corn Dog2.65 oz.26
Kid's Meal Crinkle Cut Fries3.53 oz.38
Kid's Meal Grilled Cheese on Sourdough3.77 oz.33
Kid's Meal Hot Dog With Bun5.86 oz.38
Frozen Custard Chocolate Cake Cone, 1 scoop5.19 oz.40
Frozen Custard Chocolate Dish, 1 Scoop4.94 oz.35
Frozen Custard Chocolate Waffle Cone, 1 scoop5.75 oz.55
Frozen Custard Vanilla Cake Cone, 1 scoop5.19 oz.35
Frozen Custard Vanilla Dish, 1 scoop4.94 oz.30
Frozen Custard Vanilla Waffle Cone, 1 scoop5.75 oz.50
Plain Cake Cone0.25 oz.5
Plain Waffle Cone0.81 oz.20
Milk8 oz.12

Table data from the “Culver’s Nutritional Guide Updated 5/10” obtained in store.

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{Updated 08/16/10}

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