Here is a listing of the serving sizes and carb counts of select menu items served at Subway restaurants.

Menu ItemServing SizeNumber Carbs
6" Sandwich: Black Forest Ham226 g47
6" Sandwich: Roast Beef240 g46
6" Sandwich: Tuna252 g46
6" Sandwich: Turkey Breast226 g47
6" Sandwich: Veggie Delite169 g45
8" Pizza: Cheese293 g96
8" Pizza: Cheese & Veggies381 g100
8" Pizza: Pepperoni323 g96
8" Pizza: Sausage336 g97
Chips: Baked Lays32 g23
Chips: Baked Lays Sour Cream & Onion32 g24
Chips: Doritos Nacho50 g30
Chips: Lays Classic43 g23
Chips: Sunchips Harvest Cheddar43 g29
Chocolate Chip Cookie45 g30
Kids Pak Sandwich: Forest Ham129 g31
Kids Pak Sandwich: Roast Beef138 g30
Kids Pak Sandwich: Turkey Breast138 g31
Kids Pak Sandwich: Veggie Delite101 g30

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{Updated 03/19/10}

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