Fair Foods

Food ItemServing SizeNumber Carbs
Apple, Candied7 oz.80
Corn Dog, Jumbo6 oz.36
Corn Dog, Regular4 oz.23
Cotton Candy5 1/2 oz. bag156
Funnel Cake, Plain80
Hot Dog, Foot Long41
Ice Cream, Dippin' Dots8 oz. medium35
Ice Cream, Dippin' Dots4 oz. small17
Ice Cream, Dippin' Dots16 oz. large70
Oreos, Fried3 cookies33
Pretzel Soft4.5 oz.70
Snickers, Fried5 oz.42
Snow Cone, Includes 3 oz. Syrup68
Twinkie, Fried145

Source: Calorie King*

{Updated 06/30/11}

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