Baking Ingredients

Here are the carb counts of common baking ingredients.*

Baking Ingredients

IngredientMeasureWeightGrams Carbs
Baking Powder1 tsp1g
Corn Starch1 Tbsp7 g
Cream of Tartar1 tsp2 g
Chocolate Baking Chips, Milk Chocolate/Semi Sweet1 oz 18 g
Chocolate Baking Chips, Milk Chocolate/Semi Sweet1/4 c1.5 oz30 g
Chocolate Baking Chips, Milk Chocolate/Semi Sweet1 c6 oz120 g
Chocolate Baking Chips, Mini Kisses (Hershey’s)1 piece1 g
Chocolate Baking Chips, M&M’s Minis1 oz18 g
Chocolate Baking Chips, Reeses Peanut Butter Chips1 Tbsp8 g
Flavor Extracts, Imitation1 tsp2 g
Flavor Extracts, Pure Extract1 tsp4 g
Flavor Extracts, Almond, Vanilla1 tsp0.5 g
Flour, White/All Purpose/Self-Rising1 Tbsp0.6 oz13 g
Flour, White/All Purpose/Self-Rising1/2 c2.2 oz48 g
Flour, White/All Purpose/Self-Rising1 c4.4 oz95 g
Flour, Wheat1 c4.2 oz87 g
Honey1 tsp0.25 oz5.5 g
Honey1 Tbsp3.25 oz17 g
Honey1 c12 oz269 g
Honeysingle portion0.5 oz pkg11 g
Oats, Rolled/Oatmeal (Dry)1/2 c1.5 oz28 g
Oats, Rolled/Oatmeal (Cooked)1/2 c4.2 oz13 g
Sugar, White1 g1g
Sugar, White1 tsp4 g4 g
Sugar, White1 heaping tsp6 g6 g
Sugar, Whitecube6 g6 g
Sugar, Whitepacket3 g
Sugar, White1 Tbsp12 g12 g
Sugar, White1 oz20 g
Sugar, White1 c7 oz200 g
Sugar, White1 lb464 g
Sugar, Brown1 Tbsp13 g13 g
Sugar, Brown1 oz28 g
Sugar, Brown1 c, not packed5 oz140 g
Sugar, Brown1 c, packed7.75 oz218 g
Sugar, Powdered1 c, sifted3.5 oz98 g
Sugar, Powdered1 c, unsifted4.25 oz117 g
Sprinkles, All Types2 Tbs23 g
Yeast, Active, Dry0.25 oz pkg3 g
Yeast, Fleishman’s0.6 oz pkg0 g

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*Source: The CalorieKing Calorie, Fat & Carbohydrate Counter 2010The CalorieKing Calorie, Fat & Carbohydrate Counter 2010

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