Equivalent Measures

I often find myself trying to remember equivalent measures.

For instance, my daughter likes 1 Tbsp of syrup on her waffles, but the serving size is 1/4 cup. Do I divide the number of carbs by three or four? (The answer is four.)

Use these tables when you need to figure out equivalents.

Liquid Measures

GallonsQuartsPintsCupsFluid Ounces
1 gal4 qt8 pt16 cups128 fl oz
1/2 gal2 qt4 pt8 cups64 fl oz
1/4 gal1 qt2 pt4 cups32 fl oz
1/2 qt1 pt2 cups16 fl oz
1/4 qt1/2 pt1 cup8 fl oz

Dry Measures

1 cup16 Tbsp48 tsp250 ml
3/4 cup12 Tbsp36 tsp175 ml
2/3 cup10 2/3 Tbsp32 tsp150 ml
1/2 cup8 Tbsp24 tsp125 ml
1/3 cup5 1/3 Tbsp16 tsp75 ml
1/4 cup4 Tbsp12 tsp50 ml
1/8 cup2 Tbsp6 tsp30 ml
1 Tbsp3 tsp15 ml

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*Equivalent Measures source: Betty Crocker

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