{Allergies} Halloween Haul

by Leighann on November 7, 2012

We had our first Halloween with type 1 diabetes and a tree nut allergy.

We actually hooked up with the cousins and opted to come back to our house and hang out after an hour instead of taking more time going door-to-door. That being said, we still had a pretty good haul.

I have to say that because this is our fifth Halloween with diabetes, I wasn’t too worried about figuring out the carb counts of the candies. But since it’s our first with a known nut allergy, that’s where my focus was.

Candy With Tree Nuts

I casually began dividing up the candy into three piles:

  1. I’m pretty sure it’s safe
  2. I have no idea
  3. Probably not safe

My “pretty sure it’s safe” pile included all the candy that had labels that listed allergens, but did not list tree nuts as one of them. Some did say they might contain peanuts, but since she’s been eating peanut butter all this time without symptoms and she wasn’t tested for peanuts we aren’t avoiding them.

My “probably not safe” pile included all the candy that said either “may contain tree nuts” or said that it is processed in a facility with or made on share equipment with tree nuts. I was quite surprised to see that Hershey’s chocolate bars may contain almonds. We have these when we make s’mores camping. Turns out that depending on the size of the Hershey bar, it may or may not be made alongside almonds.

The reality is that though these may contain trace amounts of tree nuts, they also may not. But I’m playing it “better safe than sorry.”

As for the “I have no idea” pile, which was the largest, I’ll look up the more desirable candies at some point and take the rest into work.

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