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by Leighann on April 7, 2011

Diabetes Friends

Some of Q’s Friends

Tomorrow night is the Kiss-a-Pig gala and we’ve certainly been working hard to raise both money and awareness in the months leading up to it.

We’ve made videos.
We’ve been interviewed on the radio.
We’ve asked friends and family to contribute.
We’ve asked some of our favorite businesses to contribute items for the silent and live auctions.
We’ve encouraged schoolmates to raise enough money so that their principal will kiss a pig, too.

We’ve done just about everything that we can think of to let people know about the symptoms of type 1 diabetes and what life is like for those who live with it.

While we are close to making our overall fundraising goal, we were hoping to raise $1000 online. We are almost there. In fact today, Thursday, is the last day to contribute online. So if you’ve got a dollar to spare, or maybe even more, we’d love your support.

(When I wrote this Wednesday night, we were $270 short of our online fundraising goal.)

Friday night we can enjoy the evening with our friends, family, and members of our community who are also affected by diabetes. And Saturday? I think on Saturday we’ll sit back and relax!

Well, maybe after her ice skating lesson!

(Click over for embedded video.)

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