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by Leighann on July 24, 2012

This post doesn’t have much to do with diabetes, but we all know there is more to life than diabetes!

AG Book Liking HerselfEarlier this school year Q was having issues with a girl in her class. Coincidentally she was reading an American Girl book called A Smart Girl’s Guide to Liking Herself—Even on the Bad Days: The secrets to trusting yourself, being your best & never letting the bad days bring you down. It was such a great book because it gave her some great advice on how to deal with this girl. Q ended up telling her that in order to stay friends, she needed to take a break from her. The strategy worked and they were able to finish out the school year without a major blow up.

We are big fans of the American Girl dolls, books, and movies and we are fortunate that our friends at AG send us some pretty awesome stuff from time to time (this goes back to my days as a “mommy blogger”). The Girl of the Year for 2012 is McKenna, a young gymnast who has some issues at school. It’s very fitting that she’s a gymnast given that the summer Olympics takes place this year. Q took gymnastics for a couple of years, but we stopped this spring because she has too many activities going on at once.

McKenna Doll and BookWe’ve been reading McKenna’s book at bedtime and hadn’t quite finished it when her movie McKenna Shoots for the Stars aired on TV last weekend. But that didn’t stop Q from watching it even though now we know how the story ends.

From the book: “Ten-year-old McKenna has always been a good student-and great at gymnastics. So when her grades suddenly begin to fall, her teacher suggests a little extra help from a tutor. McKenna is horrified until she meets her tutor, Josie, a super-confident girl who also happens to be in a wheelchair. Josie encourages McKenna to focus on her strengths and work toward her goals one day at a time. But just as McKenna begins to shine in school, she’s sidelined with a gymnastics injury–and her confidence unravels. Now she’s worried about her grades and earning a spot on the competitive gymnastics team. Can she find a way to believe in herself again?”

Q is smitten with the doll and keeps brushing her hair over and over again. I have to say that of all the American Girl dolls, this one’s hair is almost an exact match to Q’s. Every time we get a new catalog in the mail she circles the wheelchair and this story has prompted another request for it…maybe Christmas?

I’m sure that McKenna, just like all her other dolls and animals, will develop diabetes soon and be subjected to countless blood sugar checks and injections. (Read about her doll Sophie.) And yes, every chance I get I tell my contact at American Girl that they need to make a medical ID bracelet for the dolls!

If your daughter does gymnastics or you are really into the Olympics, you might check out the McKenna doll and books.

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Disclosure: American Girl sent our family a doll and several books as part of our longtime, ongoing relationship with the company. Opinions are always my own. Read the disclosure statement.

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1 Jen September 4, 2012 at 8:53 pm

When my d daughter (age 6.5) and I visited AMG in NY, we left a comment suggesting that the company make a doll with diabetes. Part of the proceeds could go towards type 1 research. I never heard a response of any kind! My daughter Sydney does have McKenna. I made a pump and meter/lancet out of sculpey clay for McKenna.


2 Leighann September 4, 2012 at 9:58 pm

I think minimally they should sell a medical ID bracelet for the dolls. Just think how many kids have medical conditions and would like their doll to also have a bracelet…not just diabetic kids.


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