{D-Mom Tested} Bayer Didget Blood Glucose Meter Accessories

by Leighann on May 27, 2010

Please read my disclosure statement. Bayer sent me a Didget Kit and an extra vial of test strips to try out. The Nintendo DS was our own. The opinions are my own and no monetary compensation was given. For technical information about this blood glucose meter, please visit the Bayer Didget website.

When I saw the Bayer Didget blood glucose monitoring system, I knew I wanted to find out more. It’s targeted exactly to our demographic: the child with diabetes. But more than a gimmick to get my child engaged, I need a meter that is easy to use and incredibly reliable.

We were given the 25 test strips that come with the kit, plus an additional vial of 50 test strips. Results in this post are based on using the meter until we used the first 25 test strips.

We put the Didget to the test. My opinions will be given in a series of posts. This one is my impression of the accessories including the case, lancets, and lancing device. The next post will be a detailed look at the meter, test strips, and customer service. Then I will give our impressions of the Nintendo DS game. Finally, the last will be my overall verdict of the meter, the game, and if I would actually buy and use this meter on a permanent basis.


The case is a bit flimsy. I would like to see it more structured. The meter cases I have used previously have come with a diagram showing where you should put each item or it’s been obvious, but the manual did not have an illustration. There is a piece of velcro that you can attach to the back of the meter cover that slides off to allow access to the USB port and the connection to the Nintendo DS.


  • When you put the meter into the case using the velcro method, the display is upside down.
  • I had a very difficult time getting the test strip vial in and out of the elastic loop.
  • I like to keep the lancing device in an elastic loop, but I couldn’t get it in and out easily. I had to start storing it in the mesh zippered section.
  • When zipping up the case, the meter frequently turned itself on wasting the batteries.

    Didget Meter Case

    Didget Meter Case

Microlet Lancets

The meter kit comes with 25 colorful lancets. My daughter loved the colored lancets and they provided a fun choice at testing time (since she doesn’t have a choice not to test).


  • My daughter liked the colorful lancets. If she was nearby when I set up the lancing device, I let her choose the color.


  • Lancets on the flimsy side. I bent a few of them trying to get them back out.
  • I found it sometimes difficult to stick the used lancet onto the plastic circle and remove it from the lancing device. It kept coming back off the circle.

    Microlet Lancets

    Microlet Lancets

Microlet 2 Lancing Device


  • I had a hard time removing the end cap.

    Microlet Lancing Device

    Microlet Lancing Device


Would I use this meter long term? You’ll have to read the next three posts on this meter to find out.

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1 Amy L May 27, 2010 at 7:48 am

We don’t use a Bayer meter, but we were given a few at diagnosis. But the lancet device pictured here is the one that came with the meters (again, that we don’t use). But we do use this Lancet device and purchase the colorful microlet lancets. I’m hoping they haven’t changed anything about the lancets and the “flimsiness” you speak of. Ryan loves the colors too and the little things like that do make all the difference sometimes. I have never had the same trouble with sticking the used lancet into the the plastic circle to remove and discard; I hope that means they aren’t manufactering them differently/cheaper. BUT I know what you are talking about with the case and the elastic straps and velcro inconveniences. It’s part of the reason the we don’t use the Bayer meter.


2 Leighann May 27, 2010 at 8:55 am


Good to hear your feedback on the lancing device and lancets. Maybe it was just my issue. We use the Freestyle lancets and they “pop” into the end cap easily for discard. I stuck myself a couple of times as the disk came off the sharp tip of the Microlet lancet.

Since meters are something that we use several times a day, the function of the meter case itself I think is really important. Considering people take the meter, lancing device and test strip vial out 4 to 10 times a day, it needs to be easy.

I wonder if companies think about form AND function when designing. Because the Bayer Didget case really seems like an afterthought.


3 Kaileen August 25, 2010 at 7:42 am

We bought two of these: one for our daughter and one for me. I do diabetes education at work, and I like to show the wide range of meters available. Our daughter is a Nintendo DS addict. She should start DSAnon. šŸ˜€ It only has the one game, which to an 11 year old becomes boring very quickly: especially for a child that could play Pokemon all day if I’d let her.

We had been talking about this device ever since it made its debut overseas. She got it, squee’d appropriately, and used it for 2 days. She uses an Animas Ping, and she likes the convenience of plugging her numbers in the meter and connecting with the pump. I can see her going back to the Didget if we have to send her meter back for any reason, but right now to her it’s just a cute novelty.


4 Leighann September 21, 2010 at 12:52 pm

Kaileen- It will be interesting to see if it is “just a cute novelty” for other children as well and if other kids play the game for 2 days and then tire of it.

Thank you for your feedback!


5 MarkY December 11, 2010 at 10:14 am

About the Microlet lancing device. In case Bayer hasn’t addressed your concerns, yet. The booklet on the Microlet Lancing device says the used lancet POPS OUT so you never have to touch the used lancet. I called the company and complained that mine wouldn’t pop out and they promptly sent me a new one. THEN I noticed I was doing it wrong. You HOLD the blue button IN, then SLIDE the blue LEVER back. The lancet WILL POP OUT. In all my lancet experience, the Microlet 2 is as good or better than any lancet device on the market. They just don’t explain it very well. GO to http://www.bayerdiabetes.ca/en/products/lancingdevices/
See if that helps.

Also, on the the vial for the test strips, I’ve never seen a case where they slide out easily, so I just leave the vial in the loop w/ lid facing out, pop open the lid and slide out a single strip. MUCH easier.

I’m a diabetic grandfather of an 8yr.old non-diabetic grandson who is a DS fanatic. He likes the game. This has forced me to test 4 times a day and watch my blood sugar so I can maximize the game reward points I have to offer him when he comes over.

The Didget concept is Brilliant! I hope it catches on. I can’t think of a better motivator for good diabetes habits, especially for kids.


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