{In Q’s Words} Beta Cells Are Good

by Leighann on June 29, 2012

Q selected a couple of diabetes books to read together at bedtime along with a couple of stuffed animals who wear various pods and d-accessories.

As we settled in she began talking about diabetes and asking very specific questions.

I explained that for some unknown reason the body suddenly decides that the beta cells are bad and wants to get rid of them. Some of the people researching ways to find a cure are hoping to stop the body from thinking the beta cells are bad. If someone with diabetes still had some working beta cells they might be able to work and maybe multiply.

As I’m explaining, Q begins whispering over and over “Beta cells are good, beta cells are good.”

I said that I didn’t think her body would actually listen to her.

She told me, “Well I hope the cure is a talking vaccine. They would inject the words into me and then my body would know that my beta cells are good.”

Beta Cells

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