{Diabetes} “The Dream Until They Have a Cure”

by Leighann on January 21, 2014


“Eight bionic girls”

“The dream until they have a cure”

“Our major goal because we fully recognize the cure is not happening anytime soon, is to ease the burden of managing this disease.”

“It is the only disease that I know of where you are making doing decisions with a medicine that can kill you if you get it wrong.”

Watch the video:

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“This film explores the early stages of development of a potentially game-changing technology for people with type 1 diabetes. The “Bionic Pancreas” will enable continuous automated glucose monitoring and insulin and glucagon dosing, removing the need for constant and sometimes life-threatening dosing decisions and greatly easing the burden of managing T1D. The Helmsley Charitable Trust is one funder of this new system and helped sponsor the rigorous test of the technology in some of the most extreme conditions imaginable: at several sleep-away summer camps for exceedingly active children and young adults with type 1 diabetes.”

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