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by Leighann on July 7, 2014

With the annual ADA Scientific sessions a few weeks ago, there were many announcements and press releases from companies. I’ll be sharing a few that stood out to me…

bionic pancreasImage courtesy artificialpancreas.org

Until there is a true biological cure (and there’s no doubt that we can debate what that means, because it’s highly individual), I’m really looking forward to the bionic, or artificial, pancreas. My hope is that it is FDA-approved and in consumers’ hands at an accessible price-point by the time my daughter goes to college. Senior year of high school would be even better so that we can see it in action first. She’ll be in 5th grade this coming year, so I think that’s not out of the question.

Just think of the mental burden that it would help lessen for both children with diabetes and their parents. No more counting carbs. No more diabetes math. No more losing sleep over night. No more injections. And no more testing blood sugars ten times a day.

(Of course no system will take away 100% of diabetes care or worry. But I think it will help. A lot.)

Wouldn’t it be great for our kids to just eat something, anything, without giving it a second thought? And wouldn’t it be great if they could go to sports practice or dance class or a play date without having to worry about them going too low? I think it will help these kids feel more like kids and less like kids with diabetes.

You can listen to the podcast or read the story “Father Devises A ‘Bionic Pancreas’ To Help Son With Diabetes” on NPR.

And, “Why I Am So Geeked About a Bionic Pancreas” by Mike Hoskins over at Diabetes Mine.

You can also donate to the bionic pancreas research at Boston University. For information right from the source, visit ArtificialPancreas.org.

Do an internet search and you will find countless articles, news stories, and interviews from the past few weeks.

Exciting stuff, people!

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