{Camping} Time to Sign Up!

by Leighann on January 23, 2012

Diabetes Camp

Yes, I now it’s the middle of winter and the last thing on your mind is camping. But it is time to start thinking about sending your kiddo to d-camp this summer.

Q is already preparing herself for camp and couldn’t be more excited to go for the first time this summer.

Last summer I sent her to a local day camp that was not specific to diabetes. I was so sick to my stomach the first few days, but with the help of a d-mom we know who is on staff we felt comfortable* and ended up sending her for a second week. This year she wants to go for three weeks in addition to d-camp. Plus the kids usually do six weeks of daily swim lessons!

Not to mention that we camp as a family.

Oh, and add book-related travel and a social media summit or two. I think this summer is going to be a whirlwind!

Here is a list of diabetes camps by state or region (it includes Canada). If you know of a camp that’s not listed, please let me know…I’d be happy to add it!

Happy camping!

*As comfortable as we could be given that there was no nurse on staff, but I was literally five minutes away the entire time.

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