Candy Canes: Not So Many Carbs, Either

by Leighann on December 19, 2010

We were delightfully surprised that the chocolates in the kids’ advent calendars had only about 2 grams of carbs each and could easily fit into Q’s snacks without the need for a ton of insulin, if any.

The kids have been asking for candy canes. Some companies do make sugar free or artificially sweetened candy canes. But you know my take on it: I try to avoid sugar alcohols and prefer the real thing with insulin to cover it.

I purchased these mini candy canes at Target. Three candy canes have 13 grams of carbs, so that’s approximately 4 grams of carbs each. Not bad!

Also, note that 1 gram weight equals 1 gram of carbs. Good to know in case we receive candy canes from someone else without the nutritional data. Granulated table sugar also has 1 gram carb per gram weight (source: Calorie King).

Candy CanesCandy Cane Carbs

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