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by Leighann on May 21, 2012

(For several reasons, which I will reveal soon, we decided against purchasing and continuing use of the Revel and mySentry. I do feel that our experience provides valuable information, so I will continue to share our experience. These posts are not and have never been an endorsement of these products. Consult your endocrinologist or CDE for options regarding insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitors.)

Medtronic Carelink

One of the biggest issues I have with diabetes management is that I’m a Mac, diabetes is a PC. It’s incredibly frustrating that I cannot get the data off of my blood glucose meter or the insulin pump that we use because we are a Mac family.

What I am thoroughly enjoying about the CGM is being able to download the data, easily I might add.

I may *cough* lose data cables *cough* and sometimes can’t find them again. *Cough* black hole *cough*.

Unless it’s a USB or mini USB or apple device cord that functions on multiple devices, I am likely to misplace specialty cords in my incredibly messy office.

What I like about the Medtronic CGM (and it works the same way if you are using their insulin pump), is that all I have to do is log on to the CareLink website, click the upload tab, and then click through a few prompts until it tells me to insert the CareLink USB into my port.

The first time you use it, you need to enter in a few settings including the serial number of the pump or CGM. And whatever you do, don’t insert the CareLink USB until prompted. I’m told that if you do, you have to call customer service and they can walk you through getting it set up because you’ve minorly messed up.

Once you are prompted to insert the CareLink USB, you just need to place the pump or CGM receiver near it and it magically beams all the data to your account on the website. Once uploaded you can print any number of reports. I personally like the Sensor Daily Overlay because it shows the trace of each day on the graph.

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Medtronic Disclosure

In full disclosure, Medtronic provided us with the necessary devices and supplies for this two-month trial at no cost to our family. A prescription was needed from our doctor. Medtronic provided in-home training to us, as they do for all of their customers. They did not ask me to write about the products or trial and I am free to write whatever opinions I have about the experience. I am not being paid by Medtronic.

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