{CGM} Let’s Run a Race

by Leighann on May 7, 2012

(For several reasons, which I will reveal soon, we decided against purchasing and continuing use of the Revel and mySentry. I do feel that our experience provides valuable information, so I will continue to share our experience. These posts are not and have never been an endorsement of these products. Consult your endocrinologist or CDE for options regarding insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitors.)

There is an annual marathon in our town and after the big race, there is a kids run. Last year was my kids first year participating. Q was going to run with her friends. I checked her blood sugar as they started calling the kids by age group and gave her a pre-run snack. I wanted her to be a little on the higher side of her range since she would be out on the course alone. At the very last minute she decided that she wanted her dad to run with her.

This year she said that she wanted to run by herself.

In actuality she wouldn’t be all alone because we decided that our four-year-old would run with Q’s age group and my husband would run with him. That way at least one of us would be somewhat near.

The difference between last year and this year was having the CGM.

I love the context that the CGM gives. A finger check with the blood glucose meter gives you just a number. But what does that number really mean if you don’t know if it’s going up, going down, or staying right where it is?

Before the run she was 119 with no arrows (meaning that her blood sugar was stable). I gave her an apple sauce pouch for just a little boost.

Her SPIbelt held her CGM receiver and a roll of glucose tablets. I told her that if she went low to have a few tabs. My phone number was on her bracelet if a helper needed to call me. And that I would meet her at the finish line.

I’ll admit that I did have a pit in my stomach as the family headed out of the stadium and to the starting line. But I had to trust that Q would be okay and that if she had issues a volunteer would help her.

As she ran into the stadium to cross the finish at the 50 yard line, she was running too fast to capture her on video or snap a photo. I reunited with her after she received her medal and we chatted with some school friends as we waited for her brother and dad (they intentionally started at the back of the pack since he was running with kids much older than him).

After the run her blood sugar was 146 with one arrow up. We went with the other participants to eat post-race food. She had a banana and fruit gushers, which I estimated at 40 carbs. My son, who said he didn’t want the mac and cheese, ate my entire bowl!

At dinner time her CGM said her blood sugar was 100 with one arrow down, her meter said she was low. In fact her blood sugars were a little low for the rest of the evening.

Sometimes when she exercises, particularly if she has late afternoon or evening sports, her blood sugar goes low around 2:00 am and I get up to check on her at least once. With the CGM and mySentry, I trusted that it would awake me if and when she was low.

Of course I would have let her run the race even without a CGM, but the context of her blood sugars helped me make decisions throughout the afternoon and evening.

Running with a continuous glucose monitorRunning with a continuous glucose monitorRunning with a continuous glucose monitor

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Medtronic Disclosure

In full disclosure, Medtronic provided us with the necessary devices and supplies for this two-month trial at no cost to our family. A prescription was needed from our doctor. Medtronic provided in-home training to us, as they do for all of their customers. They did not ask me to write about the products or trial and I am free to write whatever opinions I have about the experience. I am not being paid by Medtronic.

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1 Dana May 7, 2012 at 8:44 am

We use the cgm and MySentry for my 6 year old. Last week we did a swim club and i felt so much better KNOWING how his sugar was changing. Gotta love technology!


2 Leighann May 13, 2012 at 3:51 pm

Dana, how do you deal with the CGM receiver while swimming? Do you just have him come back over when it says it can’t find him? We’ve been playing outside in the kiddie pool and I just have her come back in for a few minutes when it beeps at us. Didn’t know if there was a better way.


3 shannon May 11, 2012 at 12:46 pm

awesome! my kid ran a 5k last weekend and i would have loved to have her on a cgm during that time, but she doesn’t like to wear it. it was still an awesome experience for her to be able to run with her friends all alone (my friends and i brought up the rear, crossing the finish line in twice the time it took her). 🙂


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