{CGM} Taking a Break

by Leighann on June 25, 2012

(For several reasons, which I will reveal soon, we decided against purchasing and continuing use of the Revel and mySentry. I do feel that our experience provides valuable information, so I will continue to share our experience. These posts are not and have never been an endorsement of these products. Consult your endocrinologist or CDE for options regarding insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitors.)

Q had been having a little diabetes burnout, so I asked if she wanted to take a short break from her CGM, the only non-essential item in our arsenal, for a few days. I was going out of town for a few days, ironically to Medtronic headquarters, and figured the break would mean one less thing for my husband and parents to deal with while I was gone.

Her break actually started a couple of days before I left. That afternoon after school she announced, “I think I feel low.”

She looked down and said “Oh, I forgot I’m not wearing it (her CGM).”

In just a few weeks of using the CGM I have come to appreciate the information that the CGM provides us. It’s not so much the number that is displayed on the screen, but if there are arrows, and if there are, is there one or two and what direction are they pointing.

The next night at bedtime she was 111. But was she steady or dropping? I looked to my nightstand as I watched TV in bed and was disappointed to see the blank screen on the mySentry.

I’ve learned that I need to listen to Q when it comes to diabetes. Sometimes I have to push things, like trying out a new piece of technology to see if it will be helpful to us in her care. But sometimes I need to take a step back and ease up if she is feeling too much pressure. It’s not an option to not have her insulin pump because she needs insulin, but some days when it was time for a sensor insertion and she didn’t want to do it, I let her put it off for a day.

CGM mySentry Low Alert

While we had the CGM and mySentry, it was nice to be alerted when her blood sugar was dropping over night.

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Medtronic Disclosure

In full disclosure, Medtronic provided us with the necessary devices and supplies for this two-month trial at no cost to our family. A prescription was needed from our doctor. Medtronic provided in-home training to us, as they do for all of their customers. They did not ask me to write about the products or trial and I am free to write whatever opinions I have about the experience. I am not being paid by Medtronic.

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1 K June 26, 2012 at 6:50 pm

I would LOVE to hear more about your reasons for discontinuing the CGM. I have thought that would be SO nice to have so many times…when she says, “My head hurts” or ” My stomach hurts” which for her are both signs of a low or a high…and sometimes neither…but she may be on the way up or dropping and seeing that would be so helpful. But I understand it is not as simple as it sounds. Thanks for all of your information…you have been so helpful to me!


2 Kates Mom June 28, 2012 at 9:50 am

We went CGMless for part of our trip to the Bahamas…we’ve been using the Revel for a year and this was the first time going without. I missed it terribly! Kate forgot to put a new container of strips in her meter one morning as we left for our water park adventures….got to lunch and guess what? No strips! Lunch on the table and our room was 20 minutes away. With the CGM our SWAG would have been closer, but without, we bolused on carbs alone which scares me, but what else could I do at that point? Later that night she dropped to 48 with no warning at about 11 pm…luckily we were still up and she was acting very silly. Had she been asleep we would have missed it. The Revel isn’t perfect and the mySentry has its quirks (I paid out of pocket for ours) but until something better comes out, we will continue to use it. The information it provides is invaluable. And while I pray for a cure, I know the Artificial pancreas will be here first—which is a really just a pump/cgm system with more bells and whistles.


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