Compromise Your Health or Your Beliefs?

by Leighann on October 5, 2009

I have more to say about our saline trial with the OmniPod last week. But first I wanted to expand upon a comment I left over at The Diabetes Mine regarding animal insulin.

As vegetarians, I wonder if we would even consider using a pork-based insulin. I think I would have to research how it is actually harvested and if it would benefit my child greatly.

My concern with feeding my family meat is more from an environmental standpoint–meat production takes a large toll on the environment from the amount of water and grains needed to the pollution created. If I ever gave my children meat it would have to be organically grown so as not to expose them to growth hormones, antibiotics etc.

That being said, when you have a child (or yourself) with a life or death medical condition, you do what you have to do, whether it is in agreement with your underlying belief system or not.

Like the fact that we are creating a landfill of used test strips, lancets, syringes, pen needles, alcohol swabs, juice boxes, etc., none of which can be recycled.

And even responsible disposable of those products that can be recycled costs the patient money (like OmniPod’s recycling program).

Until recently there was no local program to properly dispose of used sharps. It was a waste of money to purchase expensive sharps containers because they would just go into the trash and ultimately the landfill. This is why we use empty detergent bottles for our pen needles, syringes, and lancets.

Our local hospital recently began a program that allows you to bring in unwanted medications, which can contaminate drinking water, so that they are properly disposed of as well as providing free sharps containers which they will exchange when full. Next time I go to one of their pharmacies, I will pick up a free sharps container.

When it comes to a life-threatening medical condition it is easier to compromise your beliefs than to compromise your health.

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