{D-Blog Week} Finding Support In PWD’s

by Leighann on May 9, 2011

Diabetes Blog Week 2011

Being the parent of a child with diabetes can be isolating in the beginning. We only knew one family that also had a child with diabetes. There wasn’t local support. And I’m not sure to what extent I would have reached out to other families at the time. Emotions were so raw for me in those first few months. I even broke down sobbing, unable to form complete sentences, at the kick off lunch for our local walk, a walk that we had actually done two times before our own child was diagnosed.

When my daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in 2008, I was actually a seasoned “mommy blogger.” It took a few months to be in a place where I could start writing our story. It is very cathartic to me to put pen to paper…or fingers to keyboard!

I can’t remember how I happened upon them, but I began reading three blogs way back then: Diabetes Mine, Lemonade Life, and Six Until Me. I hadn’t yet found other D-Mom and D-Dads online, though I would find many, many wonderful parents of children with diabetes within a year of her diagnosis.

I looked to Diabetes Mine for well-researched information about treatments and research. But it was Lemonade Life and Six Until Me that really drew me in even though they weren’t about raising children with diabetes.

But Allison and Kerri were children with diabetes. And now they are thriving, articulate, beautiful young women with diabetes.

What could I have to gain from reading the tales of women who are not mothers? (Kerri is a mother to darling BSparl now, but wasn’t at the time I started reading.) Aren’t their perspectives as adults so different from the type of support I needed as a parent of a young child?

It is exactly what I needed.

When your child is diagnosed with a life-threatening and life-altering medical condition, you have to grieve the loss of the life that they might have had.

Will she be accepted by friends?

Will she go away to college?

Will she get married?

Will she have kids?

Will she have to give up some of her dreams?

As parents we wish the world for our children and a diagnosis like Type 1 diabetes makes us question how easy it will be and what challenges lay ahead.

But I saw these two young women who have lots of friends, who went off to college, who have careers, and got married (or will be getting married this summer!). In those first few months it gave me such hope for my little girl. Hope that she can grow up and be like Allison and Kerri.

So even though they aren’t D-Moms, these PWD’s really gave me what I needed in those first few months: Optimism.

This post is on the topic “Admiring Our Differences” as part of the Diabetes Blog Week 2011. For more participating blogs, visit Bitter-Sweet.

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