{D-Blog Week} She Kissed a Pig!

by Leighann on May 13, 2011

Diabetes Blog Week 2011

We were asked at the beginning of the year if we would consider our daughter to be a candidate for the local American Diabetes Association chapter annual Kiss-a-Pig gala. We knew it would be a lot of work, but Q was pretty enthusiastic about participating. And the good news is that they only ask you once! (Though she could do it again as an adult.)

Our fundraising efforts were many and I seriously can’t count how many e-mails I sent and phone calls I made. And we had a few wonderful people who fundraised on our behalf bringing in sponsorships, advertising, and auction items, that we can’t thank enough. Not to mention the cash that poured in from my friends here in the DOC. We raised over $1000 online alone!

Let me tell you one thing about Q: She can work a room!

Her campaign included talking with media and making several appearances. She was so graceful, smart, and witty. And what amazed me was that she spent a lot of her time talking about not herself, but the others who helped her such as a classmate who raised $250 by going door-to-door and her principal who agreed to kiss a pig in front of the whole school.

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Q being interviewed by a local radio station. She was incredibly bummed because the audio file was somehow not saved and she didn’t get to hear it back. She told the DJ that she wants to be on the radio when she grows up, but I think her aspirations are more for singing than DJ-ing.

At her school assembly she kept grabbing the microphone from me! She was so comfortable speaking in front of the entire school and I think Oprah may have found her replacement. The kids chanted “Kiss the pig!” as the principal puckered up. Q and a classmate also had the chance to kiss the piglet.

Q painted three piggy banks that were auctioned off the night of the gala. I think they brought in close to $100. I liked that she was so interested in finding something that she could do to raise money. She also painted a pig for her classmate and for her friend at school who also has diabetes.

At the gala each candidate was asked why they wanted to kiss the pig. Q was a doll up on stage with the local news anchors. And she was so graceful speaking in front of 350 people!

It was a long evening and she fell asleep on my lap! We had to wake her up at 10:30 for the kissing of Penelope the Pig. She wasn’t the top fundraiser, but our team raised $9000, far exceeding our goal.

When I asked Q what she liked about the entire campaign and gala, she said “I loved everything about it. Every single thing.”

I think she will be a great diabetes advocate in her lifetime and seeing her interact with children and adults over the past four months during the campaign I know that she can attain her career goal of being a singer/dancer/actress (and also scientist and artist). She was so poised and composed and we couldn’t be more proud of her!

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1 Katie May 14, 2011 at 7:00 pm

What a great experience! It sounds like she is a wonderful D-advocate!


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