{D-LOL} The Other White Meat

by Leighann on July 7, 2012

My daughter has been (mostly) vegetarian her whole life. By mostly I mean that she hasn’t had anything that walks, crawls, runs, or flies. She has had lots of seafood and fish.

But during her kindergarten year, she asked over and over to buy hot lunch. I have to say that it’s cheaper and definitely much easier. I began letting her buy lunch on days with chicken or turkey.

The slippery slope began and now instead of ordering a Filet-o-Fish at McDonald’s, she now gets the Chicken McNuggets Happy Meal. (Score one for Q, she finally gets a Happy Meal and corresponding toy.)

She and my husband went to a pig roast one weekend and shortly afterward we had the following conversation:

Q: I will eat anything with chicken. But I won’t eat cow or pig.

Me: But you had pork at the pig roast last week and you really liked it. Pork is pig.

Q: Oh yeah. Then I love pig and not just the kind that they use to make insulin.

Me: They create insulin in a lab now. They don’t use pigs anymore.

Q: What? Really? They can do that?

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