{D-LOL} Toaster Strudel

by Leighann on November 15, 2012

While at our most recent endo appointment, she asked if we have been having better luck with the post-breakfast blood sugar spike. She asked if we tried having lunch foods for breakfast and if that helped at all. I said I didn’t really notice a difference so we’re back to breakfast foods. She asked what she normally eats and Q chimed in “Toaster Strudel.”

Of all times that a child should be seen and not heard!

I explained that cereal and oatmeal really seem to spike it but for some reason Toaster Strudel hasn’t been that bad.

I tried to justify this horrible food choice and in fact I can’t believe that I’m admitting it to you.

“Hello. My name is Leighann. And I let my child eat Toaster Strudel.”

The endo said that because they have pastry, they presumably have more fat than say, Pop Tarts (which I have NEVER purchased for Q*). The fat may be slowing down the carbs and lessening the spike.

I revealed this dirty little secret to Katy of Bigfoot Child Has Diabetes fame (hi Katy!) and she pointed me to this walk video made by Shannon and the Neurotic City clan.

The EMLA cream looks like Toaster Strudel
I wanna eat it. True dat, double trudel!

I was LMAO for sure.

Go over to Neurotic City for the Lazy Pancreas lyrics.

(E-mail and feed subscribers click over for embedded video.)

*Q had her very first Pop Tart this week at school when a child brought them in for their morning “healthy” snack. Me? I keep sending in frozen, artificial color-free, HFCS-free yogurt tubes.

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1 katy November 15, 2012 at 8:58 pm

I have been thinking “double trudel” all day. She’s so funny.

For breakfast spikes: oatmeal-maple syrup-milk to total 40g CHO, if I do the bolus 20-30 minutes in advance works out fine. Whole wheat english muffin with butter (fat!) and honey to total 35g CHO = MAJOR SPIKE no matter what. Blargh! We need toaster strudel!


2 shannon November 21, 2012 at 3:23 pm

well isn’t this a blast from the past! thanks for the shoutout! we couldn’t get over how eerily similar that EMLA cream was to toaster strudel frosting! WACKY!

who would ever consider a pop tart a healthy snack anyway? fruit flavored??


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