D-Mom 1, Diabetes 0

by Leighann on March 23, 2011

Some days you can look at the high numbers in your logbook and you realize exactly where you went wrong.

You forgot to bolus for that second helping.

You underestimated the carbs.

You totally figured out a carb factor wrong and gave twice the insulin. (Raises hand! Darn pumpkin bread.)

Sometimes you do everything exactly right and for some reason, just because it’s a pain in the ass, diabetes decides to mess with you and numbers are all over the place.

And sometimes. Sometimes, everything goes right.



Nine blood sugar checks in one day, a school day nonetheless, with a minimum of 94 and high of 122, and average of 105.

Does it get any better? I really don’t think so.

(And note that I never adjusted our “BG Goal” in the PDM settings and if it was 80-180 or 80-150 then 100% of our numbers would be within goal.)

I want every day’s numbers to look like this.

So I got to thinking, what did I do right today? Did I do something different?

In all honesty, I don’t think we did anything different. Breakfast was whole wheat raisin toast and milk (not unusual). I packed her lunch instead of hot lunch today and I didn’t make it especially healthy because I let Q decide what to have (munster on a Hawaiian roll, natural strawberry applesauce, mandarin oranges, a cheese stick, Cheez Its, milk, and gasp, a single cookie). I bolused for her afternoon snack of roasted red pepper hummus and pita chips (we’ve only recently begun bolusing for this snack). Dinner was fusilli with homemade pasta sauce, garlic bread, and milk. And bedtime snack was an Extend Bar which I probably should have bolused for, but she was in the gray area of being in the 90’s at bedtime and I’m conservative between 80 and 100 at bedtime.

Could it be that the stars aligned?

Could her OmniPod be placed on a sweet spot? (We’ve only had 1 BG in the 200’s with this pod and this was before school lunch.)

Could it be that diabetes decided to follow the rules and play nice?

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1 Penny March 23, 2011 at 6:07 am

I love days like this! Which, in my world, are immediately followed by days of diabetes not playing nice. Can’t it get its act together???
Seriously, great day there!


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