D-Mom Staycation (of Sorts)

by Leighann on August 24, 2011

Morning at Panera

My husband announced the dates of his annual “guys fishing trip.” My mom, who takes care of both of my kids in the summer, said that she needed a week off…the same week that my husband would be gone. I had a week of vacation that I needed to use or lose by the middle of August, so I figured that I would use it that week out of necessity.

I had been thinking all summer about sending Q to day camp for a week, but I wanted to wait until after her late birthday so she would get grouped with the 7- to 9-year-olds and not the 5 and 6’s. I hadn’t planned on sending my 4-year-old.

But my wheels started to turn.

What if I sent BOTH kids to day camp that week?

I would have the mornings free to get things done…or get NOTHING done.

It would be some much-needed alone time, free of cares and worries. I could station myself at the public library and enjoy quiet or I could sit at Panera and enjoy iced tea. Both with free WIFI!

I told a friend of my plan and she agreed that it was brilliant.

But as the week approached, a knot began forming in my stomach. You know the one. The one that twists and turns when you start thinking about leaving your diabetic child in the care of people who do not know your child and are not trained in diabetes care.

Yeah, that one.

But I reminded myself that I needed some down time and I reminded myself that I need Q to have some normal childhood experiences of summer. Diabetes be damned.

The first morning I did station myself at Panera, located less than a mile down the road from the day camp. I was ready to spring into D-Mom action to get to the camp within minutes if needed. I was sick to my stomach all morning.

But the phone never rang.

Did I mention that a school staff member that we know who has a teenager with diabetes is on the camp staff? Did I mention her T1 daughter is one of the counselors? They tested blood sugars and counted carbs for Q all week. (But I did not have them give insulin.)

Q had so much fun that I signed her up for the following week. And next year she wants to go for three weeks!


I might just schedule a little vacation time again next year and actually sit back and relax with an iced tea, a good book, and free WIFI!

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