{D-Mom Tested} GlucoLift Glucose Tablets

by Leighann on November 21, 2011

GlucoLift Glucose Tablets

We were given some glucose tablets in the hospital at diagnosis, but they were square chalky things and I have to say that I don’t remember ever giving them to Q to treat low blood sugars. Rather we always reached for a juice box.

As we became more knowledgeable and more comfortable making decisions, we began using glucose tablets to treat lows because we could give them in multiples of 4 carbs instead of the 15 carbs in a juice box. Sometimes she’d be just a little low and a couple of tabs would do the trick instead of overtreating and spiking later.

I did what any other D-Mom would do and I bought Dex4 glucose tablets (if they were on sale) or the less expensive store brands like Walgreens or Target. I didn’t even think to read the label (other than to see that the first ingredient is dextrose which is also the first ingredient in Smarties).

I make a conscious effort to reduce and/or avoid artificial ingredients in the foods I serve my kids and I am trying to eliminate artificial dyes. And all of those glucose tabs I had been buying were colored with artificial dyes!

So I was excited to see the new all natural GlucoLift glucose tablets.

(From the website:) “All too often, it seems like products were not designed by the same people who have to use them. Every diabetic can run down a list of changes they’d like to see in the products and devices they require to manage their health. GlucoLift All-Natural Glucose Tablets were created by a diabetic who knows first hand what it’s like to have low blood sugar, and is painfully aware of the short-comings of existing glucose tablets: artificial ingredients, face-puckering sourness, especially when eating more than one, and dextrose from genetically modified (GMO) corn. GlucoLift was created so that diabetics (and everyone who uses glucose products) could have a safe, natural, delicious, and effective way to raise their blood sugar.”

The company sent us each of the flavors to give a try. We’ve gone through a bottle of the Orange Cream, which Q loved. My non-D son asked for them several times too, lest he be left out! We also popped open the Wildberry to taste test, but haven’t opened the Cherry yet. I gave the Orange Cream a try and thought that it was pleasant. It dissolved in my mouth pretty quickly and didn’t leave an aftertaste.

We’ve also been refilling a travel size container that stays in her d-supply bag.

I remember once I had a difficult time opening a bottle of another brand of glucose tablets. I thought to myself, what if I was the one that was diabetic and had shaky hands?! The GlucoLift jars pop open easily once the seal is broken.

You can purchase them from their own online store, Amazon, and Abe’s Market. Yes, they are a little more expensive than the store brand glucose tablets, but if artificial ingredients and dyes are something you are concerned about, then they might be worth the added cost.

Disclosure: GlucoLift provided me with a few jars of glucose tablets for review consideration. Monetary compensation was not received for this post and opinions are my own. Please read my disclosure statement.

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1 kristina November 21, 2011 at 11:52 am

Oh wow – thank you Leighann!
I just love you and your blog, you know that?
We use the tabs, too and we DEFINITELY are going to switch! Thank you again! Hugs!


2 Roselady November 21, 2011 at 3:47 pm

Good photo accompaniment today.


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