{D-Mom Tested} Too Sweet Boutique…Again!

by Leighann on August 15, 2012

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Q has a great waist insulin pump pouch from Too Sweet Boutique that she uses to carry fast acting carbs and sometimes a blood glucose meter. One thing we like about the OmniPod is that she doesn’t have to have the PDM on her person at all times. But since we began using a CGM earlier this spring, she has to carry the receiver at all times. She’s been using either this Hello Kitty pouch or her SPIbelt.

Amy, the owner of Too Sweet Boutique, is such a doll and made a fantastical Glitter Unicorn Pouch for Q to hold her CGM. It has a clear window so that we can see the receiver without having to take it in and out (though I do take it out at bedtime and place it on her nightstand next to a baby monitor so that I can hear it if it vibrates).

Glitter Unicorn Pouch

*Image of the pouch on the dress form is courtesy Too Sweet Boutique.

What continues to impress me about the pouches that Amy sells at Too Sweet Boutique is the quality. If you haven’t been to her online store yet, go take a look. She has great fabrics for both boys and girls, you can choose a pouch that allows you to pick out the matching trims and multiple fabrics, she can add the clear window for quick viewing of a CGM or pump controller, and you can even choose an add-on pouch in case you need even more gadgets on your belt.

For my daughter it has become a fashion accessory.

Too Sweet Boutique

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1 Lindsy August 15, 2012 at 10:36 am

Love love love her pouches! Everytime I buy one– I want to buy them all! My 3 yr old loves her Hello Kitty and her Robot pouches!


2 Amy August 15, 2012 at 11:25 am

Ahh, thanks for the love! I didn’t know you were going to write about it, but I’m so glad she’s enjoying it! Maybe I should order some more unicorn fabric! 😉


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