D-Sports: Soccer Camp

by Leighann on August 19, 2010

At our last endocrinology visit I asked the doctor why we were having way high highs after swim. We were treating swim the same way we did dance and ice skating and the technique was obviously not working out.

She gave us some advice which really seemed to work.

I told her that soccer camp was coming up. Camp is one and a half hours each day for a week. I remarked that we probably needed a lot of snacks. She said that at soccer sometimes there is standing around listening to the coaches, especially at this age. She said what is most important is to have lots of water and Gatorade available.

(I know I usually write in a prose style, but I’m giving you a play-by-play here.)

Day 1:

Stopped at the gas station to purchase a sport bottle of Gatorade.

Helped her get all her gear on, slopped on sunscreen, gave her a snack. (Note to self: remember a hat and sunglasses for her tomorrow.)

Introduced Q to the two coaches and told them that she’s diabetic. Said if she told them she felt low or didn’t feel well to let her come to me. They seemed happy that I would actually stay there the entire time each day.

About 40 minutes in Q ran up to me and said she felt low. Yep, 74. Let her freely drink Gatorade and had one roll of Smarties (figured I could treat a high later if needed).

Rechecked BG 15 minutes later when the kids had a quick break and she was at 117. Let her drink more Gatorade. She had two handfuls of mini pretzels that another parent brought (she didn’t want the snack I brought because the snack another parent brings always tastes better).

At their break that they took under the pavilion she finished off the Gatorade (the entire bottle had 42 grams carbs) and had 10 more mini pretzel sticks.

While I was talking to another mom I had just met about “school of choice” in our town, a mom I know well came over and whispered that the other mom has diabetes…just in case I wanted to breech the subject.

Turns out the mom is a Type 1.5 diabetic. She was talking about pumps but not wanting to be connected all the time. I showed her Q’s PDM and told her about patch pumps.

At the end of the 1.5 hours she was 174, which is technically in range (her range is 100-200, but we correct at 150).

Showed the other mom Q’s pod.

Stopped at Subway on the way home to grab a sandwich.

Realized I lost her medical ID bracelet, which I took off of her when we got to soccer because I was afraid that it would fall off and get lost. Oh, the irony.*

Days 3 Thru 5:

The rest of the week I was a little more conservative, not wanting to chase lows all morning. I watered down the Gatorade so that she could drink it a little more freely and gave her two snacks. At lunch time she was a little high each of these subsequent days, but I thought that was better than her teetering on being low the entire time she was in the extreme heat exercising.

I think if soccer was a permanent thing, I would work really hard to figure out the balance between snacks and Gatorade and activity to try to keep her between 100 and 200 the entire time. Though she was a little higher than I would like at lunch, she quickly came back down with her bolus.

What’s your strategy for preventing lows while playing sports? Do you have different ways of handling different sports?

*Still haven’t found the bracelet. You would think someone would have found it and returned it to us. It’s not like it doesn’t have three of our phone numbers engraved on it.

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