{Diabetes 365} January ’11

by Leighann on February 1, 2011

So I am once again attempting the Diabetes 365 Photo Project.

But be warned, I am not attempting to take a photo each and every single day. Some days I take a diabetes-related photos, some days I do not. Some days I take three! And in all likelihood all D365 photos will be taken with my phone.

That being said, I traded in my iPhone 3Gs for an iPhone 4 for $25. I’m not even kidding! Right before Christmas Radio Shack had them on sale for $50 off. A third party was buying functional iPhone 3Gs phones for $125. So $200 minus $50 minus $125 is…an opportunity to upgrade that I could not pass up!

So even though these are photos taken from my phone, the iPhone 4 has quite a nice little camera!

And quite frankly the easiest way to get D365 photos up is to take them with my phone, use the Flickr app to upload them, and then use a plugin to get them right here onto the blog. I know that sounded complex, but it’s better than importing them in one-by-one. Trust me. (If there is an even easier way, please do let me know!)

Anyway, photos. That’s what you came here for today.

Here are the photos I took in January, documenting a year in a life with diabetes.

Click on an image to enlarge and then use the arrows to scroll.

View more of my images that are part of the Diabetes 365 Photo Project. You can see descriptions of each by viewing in Flickr.

[flickr-gallery mode=”photoset” photoset=”72157625669940691″]

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