Diabetes Art Day ’11

by Leighann on September 1, 2011

Diabetes Art DayAfter reading Lee Ann’s suggestions for making diabetes art with the family, Q and I were psyched to get creative.

Q had several ideas and when she sat down at the table with art supplies in front of her, she decided that she wanted to paint a picture of diabetes camp.

Earlier in the year we raised thousands of dollars for the local ADA chapter’s annual Kiss-a-Pig gala which funds the diabetes camp for kids. We were invited to visit the camp as both donors and future campers while the camp was in session this summer.

I seriously did not think I would get Q to leave! She met the counselor who is always in charge of the 8-year-old girls. She saw the lake and the shower houses and the climbing wall and the craft studio (maybe her favorite!). She was having so much fun with the girls closest to her age that she ditched us and dined with them instead. She was so proud when she ran to us saying that a counselor had shown her how to give herself insulin with her pump.

We already have the week of camp marked on our 2012 calendar!

Diabetes Camp

When Q was brainstorming, she said that it would be great to bake some blood drop shaped cupcakes and decorate them with red icing. I thought that was such a great idea and we just might have to do that some day. (She did receive an Easy Bake oven and a cake decorating kit for her birthday.) As I sat at our craft table with her, I was still drooling at the thought of cupcakes. I was reminded of the looong comment I left on Diabetes Mine over the weekend urging a caretaker to bake her niece a REAL cake for her birthday…and let her thoroughly enjoy it without guilt. If you ask my opinion, I always reply: Let her eat cake!

She Can Eat That Cupcake

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1 Mike Hoskins September 1, 2011 at 7:45 am

Love the works of art, you both! And that cupcake… totally looks bolus-worthy! Thanks for displaying your creative skill for D-Art Day!


2 Lee Ann Thill September 1, 2011 at 8:10 am

I didn’t realize those were yours!! I love them! The camp one was like my heart got a hug… I knew the artist had a special place in their heart for diabetes camp. I’m so excited for her to go to camp next summer. It’s such a game-changer for life with diabetes. Huge, huge smiles for that 🙂

I missed the post about the cake at Diabetes Mine, so now I totally need to go check it out. I cringe at the thought of people using “special” foods for us – it’s actually a theme in my own Diabetes Art Day submission. A real cupcake is indeed worth every drop!


3 Colleen September 1, 2011 at 9:30 am

Q’s camp drawing made me smile!! I’m so excited to hear how much she loves it (and how much YOU love it) when she goes next year. :o)


4 shannon September 1, 2011 at 10:41 am

love the art, love the pics, love the story about visiting camp, REALLY love the cupcake.


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