{Diabetes Awareness Month} Postcard Exchange

by Leighann on November 11, 2011

World Diabetes Day Postcard

We decided to have both an international penpal plus one in the US. Our postcards will be going to Pennsylvania and Romania!

To give Q an idea of where Romania is, I told her it’s even further than France, which amazed her.

I set out a bunch of scrapbooking supplies and let Q do a little brainstorming for the postcards she would be sending. She loves a good craft project.

Here is what Q came up with. I helped a little with the execution (I cut the card to the right size and drew a circle), but it was largely her work:

WDD Postcard 1

Her penpal's name starts with "A" so that's why she wrote "Q&A." The card was very sparkly!

WDD Postcard 3A

I love the optimism in the last sentence. (I removed some of the details here.)

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