3 Little Diabetes Things: Diabetes, Depression, Diabulimia

by Leighann on September 25, 2017

Summary: Here are three topics which might not be comfortable for you: talking about diabetes and depression with adolescents, discussing diabetes openly, and the eating disorder diabulimia.


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How to Talk About Diabetes & Depression With Adolescents

Did you know that adolescents with diabetes (either type) are more likely to have depression than their peers that don’t have diabetes? Just think of all the diabetes-related stuff they have to deal with — blood sugar checks, highs and lows, having to give insulin before eating, etc. — that their friends don’t have to do. Plus high and low blood sugars can mess with emotions.

Have you breached this subject with your teen? I know talking about depression is sometimes taboo, but this is an important conversation to have.

Read “How to Talk About Diabetes & Depression with Adolescents” on diaTribe.

The #1 Best Practice for Families With Type 1 Diabetes

Speaking of communication…

“The diaTribe Foundation’s Adam Brown moderated a panel discussion with Dr. Irl Hirsch (University of Washington), Dr. Bruce Buckingham (Stanford University), Richard Wood (CEO, dQ&A), and Dr. Frank Martin (JDRF) on best practices for families with diabetes.”

One of their biggest takeaways:

Diabetes should be discussed openly and regularly within families.

Read “The #1 Best Practice for Families with Type 1 Diabetes” on diaTribe.

Diabulimia: The World’s Most Dangerous Eating Disorder

This may be a tough video to watch, but I highly encourage taking half an hour to learn about diabulimia. Diabulimia is an eating disorder where people with type 1 diabetes withhold insulin in order to lose weight. You’ll notice in the video that most of the people affected are young women and teens.

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