{Diabetes Awareness Month} Diabetes Heroes

by Leighann on November 7, 2011

Diabetes HeroesWhile I was at the Roche Social Media Summit earlier this year, Rob Muller talked about a project that Roche had in the works: Diabetes Heroes.

The project aims to highlight three groups of people: Trailbazers, Torchbearers, and Everyday Heroes.

Here are the descriptions from the website:

Trailblazers Doctors, scientists and thinkers have been puzzling over diabetes symptoms and how to control their effects since the time of the ancient Greeks. Meet a handful of men and women and find out about their incredibly important contributions.

Torchbearers Today, the cause is being carried forward by researchers and healthcare professionals as well as communicators, legislators and outspoken people with diabetes. See how they’re driving change on your behalf.

Everyday Heroes Who is your inspiration, motivation or personal diabetes hero? Is there someone in your life who makes a difference for you every day? Share their story with the diabetes online community here.

You may already know many of the Torchbearers whose bios and videos appear on the website, mine included. The folks at Roche were kind of enough to not only film me, but also to say some kind words about me and give me a kick a$$ nickname.

Head over and watch some of the videos. The Torchbearer who receives the most “likes” by World Diabetes Day on November 14, 2011 will have $10,000 donated on their behalf to their local JDRF chapter. (You can like as many of the videos as you want in case you want to spread the love to all of your favorite d-peeps.)

And while you are there, nominate someone who you think is an everyday hero. I already see some of my favorite caregivers, d-kids, and siblings have been nominated.

What are you waiting for? Go vote!

Roche paid for my transportation, lodging, and meals for my attendance at the Roche Social Media Summit. No monetary compensation was given. They did not ask me to write about the summit. While some of the information within this post was presented by Roche, opinions are my own. Please read the disclosure statement.

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