{A Diabetes Life in Photos} 06.28.13

by Leighann on June 28, 2013

You can follow dmomblog on Instagram. Here are a few photos I’ve recently posted:

Still haven’t perfected blood sugars during swim lessons. Today she was low about an hour later. But at least it wasn’t during class.

OmniPod DexCom

Matchy matchy. I love it when the CGM and BG meter are spot on.

OmniPod DexCom

New medical ID bracelets from Lauren’s Hope. (Disclosure: client)

Lauren's Hope Medical ID

Eating cotton candy to treat a low. I’m not convinced it will bring her up because it usually doesn’t affect her blood sugar. We’ll see!

OmniPod Cotton Candy

After swim lessons and after having a juice box.

OmniPod Low Blood Sugar

Pesky persistent high blood sugar with a ton of insulin on board (IOB). I tried rage bolusing, but the OmniPod PDM didn’t want me to!

OmniPod Ketones

First she’s high, then she’s low!

DexCom Blood Sugar

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