{A Diabetes Life in Photos} 07.05.13

by Leighann on July 5, 2013

You can follow dmomblog on Instagram. Here are a few photos I’ve recently posted:

Patriotic arm band.
(See Bands 4 Life.)

Bands 4 Life

Wasn’t expecting to see this number pop up!

OmniPod DexCom Low Blood Sugar

Way too low for bedtime.

DexCom Blood Sugar

Podding at the pool.

OmniPod Swimming Pool

Brrr! It was in the 60’s and misting during morning swim lessons this day.

Swimming Pool

Warm up is over. Time to calibrate.

DexCom CGM Calibration

Bingo! A good way to end the day.

OmniPod 100 Blood Sugar

Fresh strawberries with coconut milk whipped cream.

Coconut milk chipped cream milk allergy

Vitamins. I started giving her Vitamin D when she broke her arm.


Pretty good blood sugar day.

OmniPod Blood Sugars

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