{A Diabetes Life in Photos} 07.26.13

by Leighann on July 26, 2013

Here are a few photos I’ve recently posted:

After picking Q up from diabetes camp, we were back to the reality of carb counting.

Dairy Queen Carb Counting

Q had a bit of a CGM break. I was really glad to put it back on. This is what popped up when it asked for her calibration BG’s!

OmniPod DexCom Low Blood Sugar

Overnight blood sugars.

OmniPod DexCom Blood Sugar


OmniPod 100 Blood Sugar

Keeping a watchful eye on her CGM before she went on stage.

DexCom Blood Sugar

Whoops! In all the excitement I forgot to bolus for her corn dog at the fair.

DexCom Blood Sugar

Diabetes in the wild. Q thinks it was hers from the night before.

Diabetes in the Wild

Latest issue of Diabetes Forecast. Looks like there are quite a few good articles.

Diabetes Forecast


OmniPod Low Blood Sugar

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1 Krystal Park December 23, 2013 at 11:40 am

I am a D-mom of 26 months old. She has been diabetic since 15 months. I was told by a diabetic educator that she can go onto pump and CGM next fall. Having said that she uses 3.5 units of glargin a day (2 unit in the morning and 1.5 unit in the evening). Glargine pen dials only whole number so I have to draw insulin using syringe. With 7 million users in the world, why couldn’t they come up with better insulin pen that is toddler baby friendly?

does anyone uses different pen to administer glargin other than the one that has one unit increments?


2 Leighann December 28, 2013 at 6:36 pm

I’m not familiar with glargine, but we used the NovaPen Junior which did half units.


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